Hot Toys brought the heat to San Diego Comic-Con 2018

San Diego Comic-Con is the go-to convention for a lot of large (and small) collectible figure & toy companies to showcase their upcoming product offerings or even just a peek at conceptually what they are capable of producing with “one off” appearances that will never see production, unfortunately. This year Hot Toys brought an incredible display of both one sixth scale figures and a few one quarter scale figures to round out the line-up. Located at Booth #1929, it’s a must-see stop for any collector.

With many new one sixth scale figure announcements for both the Marvel & Star Wars line-up collectors were holding their breath for something outside of these two Disney licenses and Hot Toys delivered! We got a first look at a quite few different 1:6 (one sixth) scale figures from Hot Toys that had previously not been revealed or showcased at another toy show or convention:

  • John Wick (John Wick 2014)
  • Agent Smith (The Matrix 1999)
  • Alita (Alita: Battle Angel)
  • Shuri (Black Panther)
  • Winter Soldier (Avengers: Infinity War) – with an incredible new head sculpt!
  • Aquaman in his costume from the upcoming DC feature film
  • Spiderman as seen in the upcoming PS4 game
  • Darth Maul and Sith Speeder Set (to be apart of the Hot Toys DX line-up of figures)
  • Batgirl (Arkham game series)
  • T’Challa with Throne (Black Panther)
  • Commander Cody

And countless others! For a first look at these brand new one sixth scale figures see the attached media gallery for photos, courtesy of Sideshow

The great thing about SDCC is that it’s not just a few manufacturers that make an appearance but dozens! With Star Wars collectibles, one sixth scale figures from the both the Marvel & DC Universe and some new licenses (Alita: Battle Angel & John Wick, for example) being explored by just Hoys Toys alone imagine what’s in store for the rest of the convention weekend! Stay tuned for more details as San Diego Comic-Con 2018 unwraps at the San Diego Convention Center.



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