Toy Origin is LIVE in BETA ‘Test’ mode! The Hero the collectible space needed..

Welcome to Toy Origin – it is with great pleasure that we deploy in a beta ‘Test’ mode to the public after what has been a fun & rather exhausting few weeks of building, testing & tweaking this website to have the features necessary to deliver a superior experience for collectors everywhere. Being avid collectors ourselves we acknowledge both the weaknesses and strengths of the existing shops in the one sixth scale, statue and general collectibles space and want to build on an already strong foundation to deliver an experience & platform that can seamlessly co-exist with your collecting habit.

Now, we’re not just blowin’ smoke here or saying “hey, choose us” – but here’s a list of areas where we intend to focus our energy to improve the experience for you:

  • An improved Rewards Program that truly gives back to the users who support Toy Origin the most. Our base 5% Reward Points cash back on each purchase is already a generous freebie but as your account matures and you move up a ‘Tier’ you will enjoy access to additional exclusive coupons, discounts and Reward Points that newer members or the general public do not have access to. We appreciate long-term collectors who choose us time and time again for their collectible needs and want to reward them accordingly. (Details will be updated on the page soon!)
  • A robust, well-built platform that offers the features you need to make the collecting experience: easy, enjoyable & as affordable as possible. We will be adding a wide range of ‘Payment Plan’ options in the near future to the website to help alleviate the burden of paying for that expensive grail piece all at once.
  • Collector Care Packaging – while other larger, ‘big box’ companies may not have the time or inclination to package items properly due to the additional costs or time it adds to the bottom line, here at Toy Origin we understand how important these collectibles are to you and it shows in how we package your shipments. All items arrive double (or triple!) boxed with packaging material inside to protect even the ‘shipper’ box the collectible was originally shipped in.
  • ‘Flex-Deposit’ – which is really just a fancy way of saying we are not here to penalize you for changing your mind. Made a Pre-Order months ago but after seeing release photos are a little weary about it? Or just changed your mind on a figure altogether? Well that’s okay, we are happy to move your Deposit from an existing Pre-Order to any other available item, in stock or Pre-Order.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg here as we’re just getting started in this space and looking to hear your feedback. Feel free to drop us a line via the ‘Contact Us‘ page and let us know what you would like to see – we love hearing from other collectors! On top of looking to improve the experience in these areas you can expect around-the-clock outstanding support from a team of collectors who truly care. Never feel rushed or brushed off again by someone who’s just looking to move on to the next e-mail or call.

At this time we still in the process of populating the website with a ton of great products and establishing our supply channel so if you have suggestions about certain Brands or Manufacturers you would like to see stocked here on our website please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Although there is still placeholder information on the website (the FAQ page and other areas – they will be finished soon!) most of the functionality is working without issue. If you encounter any bugs or need assistance with placing an Order feel free to contact and allow up to 24 hours for a reply.

We will be soon be publishing a list of ‘known issues/bug fixes’ that we are working on resolve to keep everyone in the loop as to what has already been reported and is being worked on! Stay tuned to our blog here or social media for more updates. And don’t forget to get your Pre-Orders in all the latest one sixth scale figures from Hot Toys before it’s too late and they sell out.

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