SELL your toys/collectibles for Cash ($$$) paid when YOU need it!

Toy Origin is happy to introduce a new program here on our website where you can sell toys/collectibles for cash ($$) paid via PayPal, Gift Card (various options to choose from), Certified Money Order or a number of other payment methods. The process is quick and painless unlike dealing with traditional marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or buy/sell/trade groups and communities on the internet. Stuck in a bind this month and a little short with the bills stacking up? Looking at taking a much needed vacation? Or maybe you are just looking to make space for new collectibles, one sixth scale figures, statues, whatever you choose to collect and enjoy.. Toy Origin is here to put cash in your hand for your old & unwanted stuff, and quick!

How the process works is a very simple 3-step process..

  1. You create & send us over a list of the collectibles you are looking to sell for cash with a few attached photos.
  2. We will e-mail you back with a ‘Cash Quote’ for your item(s) and if you accept the offer a pre-paid shipping label will be sent so you can pack & prepare your items for transit to our office.
  3. After receiving and verifying the condition of your collectibles we release the cash payment via your preferred payment method.

For complete details on the process, click here: Sell Your Toys / Collectibles for Cash

Remember when sending over a list to include some photo(s) with your submission so that we can get a clear indication of the condition of the collectible in question. Please in your message also include any details regarding missing contents. IE – if the box and/or extra pieces or etc are missing it’s important to mention that to minimize the amount of time required to issue you an accurate cash quote that we can stand behind.

One of the biggest problems that plagues collectors of one sixth scale figures, maquette and statue collectibles and other large (relative to other lines of popular 1:12 action figures and diecast models) items is the need for space! As collectors ourselves we understand this more than anyone and when you are ready to place that Pre-Order on a recently announced statue or sixth scale figure and you look around your room and see that you have nowhere to showcase anything new you might start to dread the idea of going through the process of selling something off. Dealing with time wasting tire kickers and scammers gets old after a while and so does the trouble of taking dozens of photos from varying different angles and listing your collectibles for sale online.

We want to save you time so you can get back to what matters: enjoying the hobby! Whether you have new in package items or vintage toys and collectibles you are looking sell for cash, is looking to buy & make you a cash ($$) offer. There’s no better time than now to clean out the garage or that attic and unload your unwanted toys for some quick, painless cash. Over time we plan to roll out some additional features to simplify and expedite the process but for now, feel free to contact us via the Sell My Toys for Cash page and allow for up to 24-hours for a response. Time to stack that money up.. cha-ching!


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