Affiliate Program – Earn Cash Selling Collectibles, Toys, and More!

Do you have a website, blog, Facebook group or other social media channel where fans of collectibles, 1:6 scale figures, toys or other pop culture items visit to read, discuss or buy/sell/trade on a daily basis? Toy Origin is happy to launch a new Affiliate Program where you can leverage the audience/fans you have worked hard to build and earn cash (4% baseline Commission) by promoting our growing catalog of products. Toy collectors are always looking for new collectibles they can add to their collection so why not introduce them to a new brand or the latest available pre-order that they might have missed the announcement on.

Our Affiliate Program is available to anyone worldwide and signing up is a quick, painless process! We pay cash on a monthly basis via PayPal, Certified Money Order or any other payment method you prefer with a minimum cash-out amount of just $25.00 USD! With an average order spend in the triple digits your earning potential every month is quite a bit higher versus other affiliate programs available on the web. Our catalog of products continues to grow every month with new brands and products being added on a daily basis. Offer your audience a broader selection of collectibles so they are bound to find something they like.

Looking for more details about the program? Head on over to the Affiliate Program – Earn Cash section of the website and get a full look at the complete details of the program and a peek at the Affiliate Dashboard with some quick questions and answers that might help you get started. If you need more help, feel free to reach out to us via the support e-mail and an Account Manager can assist you in getting your campaign started and offer advice, tips & tricks to increase clicks and conversions which means more $$ flowing in! We are always here to help. Banner ads and other promotional materials will be added to the Affiliate Dashboard over the coming days and weeks so stay tuned.

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