Getting Started Collecting Hot Toys – Tips & Advice!

For collectors new to the hobby of collecting Hot Toys it’s perfectly normal to feel a little overwhelmed and you might even be asking yourself a number of different questions for which finding answers on the internet may be a little tough at times. Collecting 1:6 scale figures by Hot Toys (or a number of other companies) is not a cheap hobby and with the right tips and advice you can make better informed decisions to benefit you and your collection over a longer period of time. Often times new collectors have a sense of urgency to own it all but that can get out of hand and lead to a quick exit from a hobby you may in fact enjoy. Once upon a time even the most veteran of collectors were ‘new’ to the hobby of one sixth scale collecting and if you asked them for advice here’s what they would say..

Get Your Pre-Order In Early!

The hobby of collecting 1:6 scale figures continues to gain popularity in North America (and other regions of the world) and with that Hot Toys and other high-end collectible companies have beefed up product offerings in recent months/years. New one sixth scale figure and other collectible announcements are made on an almost weekly basis sometimes and it can be tough to keep up at times. Stay tuned to our website and Newsletter for all the latest. If you get a look at an upcoming figure that you absolutely can not live without and you love the prototype photos the best advice you can get is: get your Pre-Order in as early as possible! The feeling of regret when a figure sells out can be devastating so don’t let it happen to you.

On the Fence? Order It

If you are stuck deciding whether or not you want to order a recently announced figure or not as crazy as it might sound it’s probably in your best interest to slap down a Pre-Order anyway. Some collectors may scoff at the idea of this but let me explain! Pre-Order allocations can in some instances quickly sell out on popular figures. If you miss out on getting an order in during the initial Pre-Order phase then you may be stuck later paying secondary market prices on websites like eBay or Amazon where private sellers often ask 30-40%+ more than MSRP and that quickly stacks up.  If you change your mind later and end up not wanting to keep the figure in your personal collection, most (but not all) figure releases actually increase in value after release. Meaning not only can you recoup the deposit & product cost a lot of the time but you might be able to make a little profit on the side, too.

Collect What You Love: Not Everything

The two biggest enemies of Hot Toys and one sixth scale collectors are: space and money! Since all 1:6 scale figures are typically ~12-13 inches in height they are on the higher side in size compared to a typical action figure and as a result, displaying lots of them can be challenging. Unless you have tons of free space in your living quarters it’s just not realistic to aim to purchase every single Hot Toys release that makes it to market. On top of the amount of space it would require, Hot Toys can be quite expensive and no hobby should be draining you of all of your available capital/resources. Collect the characters and brands that you are truly passionate about and have a connection to and try to avoid the hype train that comes with the buzz surrounding a new figure announcement. If you want to collect 1:6 scale figures and Hot Toys for months and years to come it’s important to make decisions that will allow that to be possible after all!

Collecting Hot Toys, like any hobby, should be an expression of what you love and if you are not having fun with it: what’s the point? If at any point in your journey you don’t feel that’s the case it may be time to re-evaluate why you collect and make a change. As this hobby of one sixth scale collecting continues to grow we will see new companies and product lines emerge on a regular basis and we as collectors are the true winners in that equation with more to choose from & appreciate. If you are a collector out there and this advice helped you – pass it along, let’s see this hobby continue to thrive!


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