The Future of Iron-Man Hot Toys: What’s Next?

With the explosive success of Avengers: Infinity War fans all over the world have not been shy about sharing their theories about what’s next for the Avengers (in the upcoming sequel due out in 2019) on social media, forums, and just about anywhere and to anyone that will listen! Among the thousands of predictions and theories, one common question continues to pop up time and time again: which Avenger(s) are going to die at the hand of Thanos to save the universe? While things may have ended on a bad note with Infinity War it’s clear that the fight is far from over. And as with every war; there are always casualties. Many fans believe that beloved character Iron Man (Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr) could be next and while nothing is confirmed it would make sense if Marvel decided to kill off Iron Man. Iron Man has been the cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2008 and perhaps it’s time to pass the torch to another character to carry the next 10 years of the MCU. But what does that mean for the Hot Toys brand and the hugely successful Hot Toys Iron Man line-up of figures?

While Hot Toys is not exclusively a Marvel (or Iron Man) 1:6 scale figure manufacturer there is no denying the fact that the countless Iron Man and related Armors that have been released over the years have been among some of the most popular & successful figures for Hot Toys with fans worldwide looking to complete an entire collection of Suits instead of just opting to own 1 specific version or suit design. In fact, many fans and collectors of Hot Toys and other 1:6 scale figure lines were likely introduced to the hobby as a result of the Hot Toys Iron Man figures. My first interaction with any Hot Toys product was at a local comic convention where I had a chance to see/touch (versus just looking at photos online) and purchase an Iron Man “Heartbreaker” suit and was completely astounded at the quality and craftsmanship. From that point on I was hooked and quickly expanded to collecting other lines of figures and licenses from Hot Toys but purchasing a Hot Toys Iron Man figure was what started it all. If we do lose Iron Man in the 2019 Avengers film then Hot Toys will have no on-screen material to continue their Movie Masterpiece Series of Iron Man suits and that can be viewed as both good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

There are likely thousands and thousands of collectors worldwide who have a collection that is primarily Hot Toys Iron Man focused and while to someone who has different collecting goals that may seem silly — to the person pursuing this collection; how might they feel when they no longer have new Iron Man figures to purchase? When you have been collecting something long enough that you are passionate about and you have no immediate plans to stop, filling the void of Iron Man collectibles if Hot Toys were to stop producing them might be a very tall task. And one has to wonder how much discontinuing a popular product line (like the Iron Man line of figures) might effect the bottom-line of a company that specializes in offering products to a niche like with 1:6 scale figures and collectibles. When you are already dealing with a smaller market than you would be if you were selling more consumer friendly merchandise like FUNKO Pops it’s important that you try not to alienate or lose any of your customer base at all. But sadly, this one may be out of Hot Toys hands if Marvel decides to pull the plug on this popular hero and go a different direction with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the years to follow.

While some fans and collectors may be bummed at the thought of seeing no new Iron Man Hot Toys releases, others are probably excited for what it means for the future of Hot Toys. If a good portion of the staff at Hot Toys were no longer focused on the development and sale of Iron Man figures it’s only logical that they could spend that time further fleshing out other line-ups or exploring new licenses altogether. And that’s an exciting thought when a lot of what has been announced or released the last 6-12+ months has been Marvel or Star Wars focused. Some collectors that are loyal to the brand are practically begging with new discussions and topics appearing daily hoping to see new characters explored from other popular licenses spanning movies, television and music. At the end day, right now speculation of anything happening with our current cash of heroes is just that: speculation. But hopefully Hot Toys has a few tricks up their sleeve and a ton of new products to showcase if or when that time does arrive!

Do you think Hot Toys is the same without Iron Man? What other licenses would you like to see Hot Toys explore in the future?

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