The Steel 2.0 (Colossus) by Toys Era Pre-Order Coming Soon!

The Steel 2.0 (Colossus) Premium Edition Toys Era PE002 – Pre-Order is NOW LIVE!

Following the massive success of Deadpool 2, with an average score on RottenTomatoes of 82%, it’s truly shocking that one sixth scale manufacturer Hot Toys has only explored producing Deadpool himself in 1:6 scale as apart of their Movie Masterpiece Series. With no pre-order announcement or reveal of Cable, Colossus, or Domino it’s nice to see another 1:6 scale manufacturer stepping up to the plate and tackling these other characters so fans can complete their display. Toys Era back in 2017 shipped a figure they dubbed, The Steel’ which was our big steel friend from X-Men and the Deadpool flicks, Colossus. Despite it’s minor imperfections, The Steel by Toys Era was received by most 1:6 scale collectors with open arms and was widely accepted for a near spot-on accuracy in both head sculpt and outfit. The figure truly towered over other one sixth scale figures as it should so it was nice to see that the custom body used was executed with care throughout the concept to production phase.

The worst part about this release was nothing to do with the figure itself but instead the fact that Toys Era somehow managed to slip Colossus (The Steel) into the marketplace unknown by 1:6 scale collectors and fans of Hot Toys all over the world. After positive reviews hit the internet fans were squirming to grab The Steel for themselves but shipments to distributors from Toys Era quickly sold out, meaning finding one available in the secondary market was quite difficult. Thankfully, a second version, The Steel 2.0 has been in production for the last few months by the folks at Toys Era and it looks like they are almost ready to roll out the Pre-Orders worldwide!

Toys Era recently uploaded a look at The Steel 2.0 on their Facebook page ( for 1:6 scale collectors excited to get a look at the final prototype product! Collectors everywhere are feverishly awaiting the launch of Colossus (The Steel 2.0) as it looks like Hot Toys has moved on from Deadpool 2 and is setting their sights on producing more figures for current and upcoming Marvel and Star Wars flicks, among other popular licenses like The Matrix & John Wick. Enough for the yapping, here’s a look at the upcoming The Steel 2.0 Premium Edition by Toys Era

As soon as pricing details are revealed and we receive the ‘OK’ from Toys Era to begin accepting orders for this figure we will have it available here @! Members enjoy 5% Reward Points (cash back) with every qualified purchase for use on your next order. This article will be updated with the Pre-Order link as soon as possible so stay tuned!

PRE-ORDER NOW —> The Steel 2.0 (The Colossus) Premium Edition Toys Era PE002

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