Now Carrying XM Studios Statues & Collectibles!

Woah, talk about explosive growth over the last 45-60 days since we went live – hundreds of new products, countless new suppliers & new connections with collectors worldwide! Thank you to everyone for your support over these past weeks – we appreciate you following along on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and checking what’s in stock regularly here on our website. We have had a ton of orders come in and we simply cannot wait to fulfill these orders and begin sending 1:6 scale figures, statues & collectibles to collectors worldwide as soon as they release. We are making a committed effort to adding dozens of new SKU’s and products per week to keep things fresh and hope you folks hold us accountable to that goal whenever we may fall short. In this effort to keep things fresh we have added a highly coveted and requested vendor to our line-up of top tier collectible brands: XM Studios is proud to announce going forward we will now be offering XM Studios Quarter Scale Statues & Sixth Scale Statues for Pre-Order as they are announced and become available for order! XM Studios is a brand like no other that carries a certain prestige with it that collectors globally recognize and respect. As a company, XM Studios has a commitment to uncompromising quality, captivating designs and limited availability with a constant focus on producing works of art that can appreciated by those who may not even indulge in the hobby of collecting themselves. By selecting the highest of quality materials available and employing a staff of highly trained artisan painters, XM Studios offers an end product that is more than just a collectible. It’s art.

We are beyond excited to now be offering these truly epic pieces for Pre-Order/Sale here on our website to collectors all over the world and cannot wait to see what XM Studios reveals in the upcoming months! If you are an existing XM Studios collector and looking for a new outlet to purchase future Pre-Orders, consider the following:

  • Toy Origin offers 5% Reward Points (cash back) with every purchase for use on your next order. For XM Studios pieces this can amount to a significant amount of cash since they bear a rather expensive price tag usually.
  • We offer what we call true cost shipping – IE ; if the courier bills us $68.24 for your shipment then that’s exactly what you pay! No additional handling, packaging or shipment fees. We believe in passing the savings onto the Collector whenever possible!
  • Around the clock unparalleled support from collectors who truly care: we are available anytime to answer your questions, concerns, or help you get just about anything sorted out. Get in touch at and see for yourself just how snappy we can be with a reply.

Stay tuned to our social media feeds and the main page here on our website for all the latest from XM Studios and all the other best brands in collectibles: Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, Mezco Toyz, Mondo, Blitzway, Prime 1 Studios and countless others.



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