How To Display Your Hot Toys Collection

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of acquiring a brand new figure from Hot Toys or another 1:6 scale manufacturer you fancy and enjoying the process of opening it up for the first time and unboxing the figure, accessories and all the extras packed in. There’s just something special about being the first one to crack into the packaging and that ‘fresh’ plastic smell filling your nostrils. It takes you back to a simpler time as a kid; opening up that latest toy your mom let you pick out after your dentist appointment. However, unlike the toys of your childhood, Hot Toys and other one sixth scale figures are meant to be appreciated & enjoyed from a visual or display perspective more than anything. As much as we all may have fun with the process of posing figures and playing with them, most collectors take great pride in their collectibles and want to be able to show them off! With the time and talent that goes into the production of Hot Toys (and other collectibles) they are truly meant to be appreciated outside of the packaging and on display.

Commercial grade display cases and other glass showcase cabinets can be quite expensive, often starting at $300-400 and up in most cases. With the damage Hot Toys can do to the wallet as it is, spending that kind of money on something just to display your figures might seem a little crazy. Fortunately enough, there are some cheaper alternative options available on the marketplace to you as a collector that might just fit the bill. The king of affordable, easily accessible options when it comes to the display of collectibles is hands down the popular IKEA DETOLF Glass Cabinet. The main reason this option reigns supreme in the eyes of collectors is one simple fact: the cost. This cabinet is just $60 and comes with 3 glass shelves spaced roughly 15 inches apart which allows plenty of room for 1:6 scale figures & Hot Toys to fit, even while utilizing the included stands or bases in most scenarios. Add to that the ease of wiring up some LED strip lighting (such as the IKEA Dioder LED Strips – more on this in another article) and you have yourself a well-lit showcase space for even your most prized one sixth scale figures.

If you need something a little on the larger side or just want to go for a different look altogether, IKEA has a number of different options available. Another popular choice for 1:6 scale collectors and hobbyists in general is the IKEA BILLY Bookcase equipped with the MORLIDEN Glass Door. Going this route as opposed to the DETOLF option allows you more linear, horizontal space but the shelves are not as deep unfortunately. This is great for collectors who are looking to display more of their Hot Toys on a given shelf to setup scenes, dioramas, or to keep a theme consistent with their display. While this option may be more expensive after you purchase both the bookcase shelving and the glass doors – perhaps from a design perspective it’s more suiting to your decor or you prefer the aesthetic. That’s the benefit of varying options: you can really decide what you want out of your collection in terms of display and explore something that best meets those needs.

One of the biggest mistakes 1:6 scale collectors make when setting up a display is overcrowding. Space permitting, you should aim to try and display your figures so that each one has enough space to be viewed without the figures around it becoming a distraction. Hot Toys figures and other high-end collectibles are truly works of art and if you intend to display them you may as well do it in such a way that you and others can truly stop and soak in all the little details whenever the mood strikes you. Another way to achieve that museum look is through the use of effective lighting and the correct light spectrum which we will touch on in an upcoming article so stay tuned. Just like 1:6 scale collecting, when it comes to displaying your collection there are tons of options available to you.. half the fun is in deciding what you like and how you want things to look so have fun with it just like you do collecting!

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    2018-10-28 at 10:15 PM
  • Damon Bolling Reply

    What are the detolf’s sitting on in the headline photo?

    2021-04-07 at 1:54 AM
    • Paul Reply

      IKEA Kallax shelving. You can buy a single row/tier and put it on the floor for a nice elevation boost for DETOLF cabinets.
      You can utilize anything though – I just know this is a common choice for collectors.

      2021-04-07 at 11:22 AM
      • Damon Bolling Reply

        This is perfect. I have detolfs, but felt they lacked elevation as well. Also this solves the box storage problem! Thank you so much!!!

        2021-04-07 at 12:43 PM
  • Damon Reply

    Sorry- one more question: was there a taller kallax model that you used? I think the current model can only fit 4 detolfs per base. The image looks like 5, am I wrong?

    2021-06-01 at 1:35 PM
    • Paul Reply

      Not sure on the specific setup in the photo really. It’s hard to tell from the photos because it could be multiple unit(s) alongside each other.
      Thanks for your comment!

      2021-06-01 at 6:58 PM

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