How To Organize & Store 1:6 Scale Figure Accessories

As you begin to acquire a collection of Hot Toys & other 1:6 scale figures it’s common that the accessories and extras begin to pile up. Included with most sixth scale figures is a variety of different hands (for unique pose options), alternate clothing/costume elements or a number of other different accessories that you can use to create a display that fits your taste. As much as having the option of choice is nice, the question becomes; where do you store all these 1:6 scale accessories when not in use? When left in the original packaging it’s not only a nuisance later when you want to re-pose your figures but it’s more time consuming, too. There’s are much better ways to store and organize your Hot Toys extras or 1:6 scale accessories that we will breakdown here with a look at the pros and cons of each.

One of the cheapest and easiest methods to store all these extra sixth scale accessories that just might not have occurred to you is plastic baggies. Most major retailers carry a variety of different sizes of baggies so you can get something more appropriately sized to the storage of such small parts. The biggest benefit to this method is that it’s cheap (even free if you have some kicking around the house) for those of you not looking to spend much cash. Just remember to write on each plastic baggie with a permanent marker which figure the 1:6 scale accessories belong to so you don’t get things mixed up. After you bag up all your accessories it would be a good idea to grab a plastic snap-lid container from your local dollar store to hold the baggies. This will prevent unwanted mishaps like water damage from ruining your accessories and just keeps things in one easy to find spot. The only major caveat of this method is that to find accessories later you may consume a great deal of time searching through a big pile of baggies instead of at a glance being able to identify what you’re looking for. For those that rarely change poses or accessories in use this is unlikely to be a bother but could get irritating for someone who frequently mixes it up.

So the idea of all your precious Hot Toys accessories in baggies is making you hyper-ventilate a little, huh? Just breathe, we have another storage method you can try that might be more suitable. If you are okay with spending a little extra cash for a more elegant solution one of the best things for the storage of sixth scale accessories are plastic storage containers with included dividers. That might sound a little more fancy than it is but these are essentially the same plastic containers that other hobbyists and craft enthusiasts use for the storage of their raw materials. Your local Michaels (or other similar Crafts retailer / hobby store) will likely carry a variety of different options and sizes of these plastic containers. Remember to ideally only purchase ones that include plastic dividers that are movable throughout the interior of the container so you can distribute the space how you need to.

Some 1:6 scale accessories and parts are larger than others and will require more space inside the case while others, like hands, are small and require very little. Be sure to arrange the dividers in a logical way so that accessories are less likely to get mixed together, which might leave you confused as to what belongs to which sixth scale figure. Another benefit of arranging the dividers in the best possible way (based on what you are storing) is that you maximize the use of space and can therefore fit more sixth scale accessories per container, saving you money. To keep track of who the accessories belong to in your collection simply write down the name or product code on a sticky note and place it atop the accessories before closing the lid. These containers are easily stack-able and contain a snap-lid to keep moisture and dust or debris out. Typically these containers retail in the $8-15 USD range so depending on the size of your Hot Toys or 1:6 scale figure collection it should be relatively inexpensive for enough units to house your sixth scale accessories safely.

At the end of the day it really comes down to either how much money you want to spend on the storage of your 1:6 scale parts & accessories or quite frankly, how much you care. Some people are fine leaving them in the original packaging never to be seen again while others enjoy re-posing and changing their display with different accessories on a regular basis. Whichever type of collector you are we hope that these recommendations for storage and organization of all those extra Hot Toys hands and 1:6 scale accessories helps you land on a solution that works for you and if we did help – let us know in the comments below and let’s have a look at the goodies!

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