Tips for Hot Toys Collectors on a Budget

Embarking on a quest to collect anything can be an expensive task and collecting Hot Toys or other one sixth scale figures is no exception. With new figures being announced at such a rapid pace in recent months the wait time between release dates continues to slim down. With an average Hot Toys figure bearing a price tag somewhere in the $250-400 USD range it’s tough for most collectors to budget paying for more than a single figure at a time.

If you read our article on Getting Started Collecting Hot Toys you might remember the point we made about collecting what you love and not everything to avoid feeling overwhelmed with releases. While that is great advice, it’s normal to feel stuck sometimes on what to purchase or where to allocate your hard earned money, so here’s our tips & advice for Hot Toys collectors on a budget planning their next move..

1.) Pre-Order Early! – It may sound like we are beating a dead horse with this point by now but getting in your pre-order early allows you more time to either save for whatever you are purchasing or start your payment plan earlier. Not to mention if you get stuck purchasing Hot Toys on the secondary market (eBay for example) they are typically more expensive than MSRP. Take your time to carefully decide if a particular figure interests you and if it does, lock in a pre-order as soon as you can!

2.) Payment Plans – Most major retailers (ToyOrigin included – send an e-email to setup a plan) offer Payment Plans or a “layaway” option where you can pay set lower amounts on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis that work for you. So instead of shelling out $300 USD for your latest Hot Toys purchase on the credit card you can pay $30 a month towards it leading up to the release date. While the cost remains the same, paying over a longer period of time makes it more manageable for most collectors.

3.) Stick to the Budget – This part may sound like a no brainer for someone on a budget but it’s important to remember that you have to stick to the budget you set for yourself. If you start to spend outside of what you can afford the bills will quickly start to pile up and while it may feel worth it — it’s not. No hobby is worth going into significant debt over, regardless of how much you may love it. Remember to hold yourself accountable to the budget and if there’s something you simply can’t resist maybe it’s time to sell one of your existing Hot Toys in favor of replacing it to offset the cost.

4.) Take Your Time – Remember to take your time and understand that you don’t have to own everything right away. The joy of growing a Hot Toys collection is building the enthusiasm for the hobby and figures over a long period of time. You want collecting sixth scale figures to evolve from a hobby that you might put down or give up to a lifelong habit. As much as it is okay to want to play catch up, try to do all things in life with moderation; collecting included.

5.) Keep Your Eye on the Used Market – While many Hot Toys figures can exceed MSRP on the secondary market, there are always deals to be found for those willing to invest the time. If you have the time to explore eBay, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups or other marketplaces it’s possible to occasionally come across a figure (new or used) that you want for a price a lot lower than what you might have paid from a retailer. Keep your eye on these marketplaces if you are searching for a previously released figure from Hot Toys and save yourself some coin whenever possible.

Amassing a Hot Toys collection can be an expensive endeavor but as long as you stick to the budget you set for yourself and stay sharp you are bound to have fun without breaking the bank. It sure feels nice to add a new sixth scale figure to your collection but it’s important we remember that in order to continue collecting for years to come we have to remain responsible. You should never feel like you are putting yourself into deep debt for something you don’t necessarily need like your Hot Toys collection so hopefully these Tips for Collecting Hot Toys on a Budget help you stay on track and have fun collecting!

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