Where Are All The Video Game Sixth Scale Figures?

I don’t exactly consider myself a gamer by any stretch with only a somewhat more than passing interest in video games. And on some days, it seems like the 1:6 scale figure industry shares the same outlook. Companies like Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles seem far more focused on producing figures based on popular films and licenses like Star Wars and Marvel than exploring more video game related releases which can leave gamers high and dry. This article will take a look at some of the cool 1:6 scale video game figures that are on the market for pre-order now (or previously released) and we make mention of some that honestly should be.

While some of the larger, more well-known companies have released sixth scale video game related figures in the past, they are relatively few in number. Hot Toys has been known to occasionally release an odd Resident Evil figure or two and have even released figures from the mega-popular Batman Arkham game series by Rocksteady Studios. The most recent pre-order availability in this line-up was the Deathstroke (Batman: Arkham Origins) 1:6 Scale figure which fans had eagerly awaited for many months to complete the line-up. Plus how can we forget the new ‘Advanced Suit’ Spider-Man 1:6 Scale figure from Hot Toys (still available for Pre-Order currently), modeled after the web-slinger’s appearance in his recently released Playstation 4 game. Spidey comes with a variety of different hands and features a fabric suit that is highly accurate to the in-game character model with incredible color.

Asmus Toys, who have garnered a name for themselves with their Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sixth scale figures have also put out some very sharp looking figures from the long running Devil May Cry video game series, including the main character, Dante. He comes packed in with his trademark sword and dual pistols, Ebony and Ivory, and the head sculpt features a character appropriate smirk. Asmus Toys in this same line of figures also has a Vergil (Devil May Cry) 1:6 Scale Figure that should be releasing any day now.

There’s always room for the little guy, too. A smaller-time company called VTS Toys had a figure of a Dark Zone Division Agent, based on Tom Clancy’s The Division, that was available a few years back. This particular figure is packed to the gills with accessories and extra weapons, for a plethora of posing options. It was well received by collectors for the most part and quite a few people used parts of it for custom kitbash military themed figure creations and much more. 

And currently up for pre-order is a 1:6 scale figure set of Big Daddy and Little Sister from the Bioshock series. It’s being produced by Threezero, retails for $280 USD and is expected to hit stores very soon. The Big Daddy figure is roughly 13 inches tall and features a variety of lights and actually seems to be very well articulated, despite the bulky nature of the character. Initial reactions and comments on this figure set seem positive mostly and it’s nice to see Threezero diving into more video game licenses.

As I mentioned before, the fact of the matter is that the toy and collectibles industry has a bit of a Marvel addiction right now, mainly due to their very successful run at the box office. Marvel movies are incredibly popular and the merchandise sells very well so it’s no surprise that a lot of manufacturers opt for the safe route. Which means many of the big name companies are more likely to focus their attention and resources on say, a Captain America figure, as opposed to Kratos from God of War. Despite the success of the recently released God of War game on the PS4, movies still tend to have a broader audience since they are not specific to any “platform” or audience.

Let’s hope that as the video game industry continues to blossom that more collectible companies will explore offering sixth scale figures based on the big AAA gaming titles. With some releases generating revenue approaching (or passing) the billion dollar mark it’s only a matter of time until we see more and more video game collectibles popping up. The collectibles and pop culture accessories market continues to grow year over year with companies like Funko, Mezco Toyz and Hot Toys introducing a new generation of collectors to the world of collecting with something for everyone’s budget and fandom. Me personally, I’d like to see some 1:6 scale Kingdom Hearts figures. I think Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy have great designs in those games and believe they would make for some cool figures. Chop, chop Disney!

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