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“With great success comes an overflow of great toys and collectibles.” That’s not quite the quote but well, you get it. With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the box office it’s no surprise that toy and collectible manufacturers worldwide are jumping at the opportunity to cash in. For a lot of these companies, the Marvel license and the products they produce under it are in many cases the top revenue earners. Hot Toys, like other collectible companies, has enjoyed a surge in popularity largely due to their attachment to the Marvel license. When you produce such a finely crafted product like Hot Toys does it only makes sense to want to attach that to other successful characters or brands with a large built-in existing fan base. The Hot Toys Iron Man line of figures and other Marvel releases have been some of the best-selling Hot Toys figures ever released but with such a fixation on the popular, main characters of Marvel others are seemingly forgotten. Here’s a look at my personal Hot Toys Marvel Wishlist of characters (in no particular order) that it would be great to see produced in sixth scale form to add to my personal collection..

Killgrave (Netflix Series – “Jessica Jones”)

Killgrave as seen in Marvel Jessica Jones Netflix Series

The villain, Killgrave (David Tennant) from the Netflix series Jessica Jones is a relentless, remorseless, psychopath that abuses his power of mind control to get whatever he wants in life: money, sex, and obedience. While he might not have his sights set on conquering or destroying the world, that’s part of what makes this character so interesting and unsettling to the viewer. He’s truly evil and despite how he could have anything else in life he wanted with no resistance, he was fixated on Jessica Jones – the one person he could not control.

While some villains come off as a little generic, Killgrave is quite the opposite and that’s what makes his character so compelling. The outfit that he sports throughout most of the series is rather generic but finding a Purple Color Suit in 1:6 scale is not exactly an easy task. Plenty of 1:6 scale accessories manufacturers produce other common suit colors (like black for example) but purple is not easy to find so a kitbash is out of the question. Even though he may not have the most ‘super hero look’ to him, it would be nice to immortalize such a unique character and add another villain to my collection of Hot Toys and other sixth scale figures.

Korg (Thor: Ragnarok)

A new character to the MCU, Korg, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok

You don’t need to be afraid, unless you’re made of scissors! Korg was one of the most surprising and fun things about the recently released Thor: Ragnarok film on my first (and even subsequent) viewing of the movie. It’s always nice when a dash of humor can be mixed into the story without detracting from the plot or purpose and that’s what Korg was to me. While some fans have been critical of Marvel for the amount of jokes they tend to squeeze into their films, laughing is truly one of life’s best medicines so the more the merrier.

This particular figure in 1:6 scale form might be tough to tackle just due to the overall design of the character. Korg has a very unique rock like appearance to him and as a result, using a standard Hot Toys body like they do for many of their other releases (that get covered with a costume/outfit) would not be possible. A new specialty 1:6 scale body type would likely need to be created specifically for this character to be made in an accurate way and that’s likely a cost that Hot Toys can not justify for such a minor character. It would be different if they could sell 10-20,000+ units of this character but that seems incredibly unlikely so we will unfortunately probably never see a Korg 1:6 scale figure, sadly. See you later, New Doug!

Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2)

The newest Guardians of the Galaxy member, Nebula

Adopted daughter of warlord Thanos and adopted sister of Gamora, Nebula is a spunky assassin and the latest addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy line up of characters. Just this year we saw the release of Yondu in 1:6 scale figure form from Hot Toys, much to the excitement of fans. After what was a longer than usual wait for the Hot Toys version of Drax to release due to licensing issues it was a relief for sixth scale collectors that Yondu did not suffer a similar fate. With having to say goodbye to two of the Guardians already in recent films it might be a good opportunity for Nebula to step up and become a major component of the team.

From a character design stand point, the hardest thing to achieve with a 1:6 scale figure version of Nebula would likely be that fluid look of human meets machine. Since parts of Nebula’s body appear to be more human (a skin like texture) and others are more robotic in appearance it would take some very special paint details to highlight these differences to achieve an accurate look. While large companies like Hot Toys tend to focus on main stream characters there certainly exists an opportunity here for a third-party 1:6 scale figure manufacturer to beat them to the punch.

M’Baku (Black Panther)

M’Baku, leader of the Jabari Tribe from Black Panther

Black Panther was one of the highest grossing and most well received Marvel Cinematic Universe films to date and it’s shocking that 1:6 scale figure manufacturers are not jumping at the opportunity to bring more of the characters to market for collectors. While Hot Toys is targeting characters like T’Challa (Black Panther), Erik Killmonger and Shuri because they are more likely to sell in volume, where’s the love for bad ass M’Baku?

One of the coolest things about this character in sixth scale form would have to be the costume without question. The use of fur, leather and other materials in the same outfit would look remarkable on display especially in contrast to your more additional “super hero” looking outfits of other 1:6 scale figures in your collection if you are a Marvel collector. While it’s unlikely Hot Toys will explore releasing this figure here’s hoping an unlicensed manufacturer sees the opportunity and jumps at it.

Heimdall (Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok)

Heimdall rocking a full suit of Asgardian armor seen in Thor: Dark World

Heimdall from the Thor films in his full Asgardian armor setup (helmet and all) with them fierce fiery orange eyes is one of the coolest secondary characters yet where we have shockingly seen no 1:6 scale figure version of him even in concept form from any of the films he has had an appearance in. On top of having one of the most interesting and show-stopping costumes of any character (even other Asgardians), Idris Elba perfectly embodied the role and it would be nice to externalize that.

Some of the details in the chest armor, helmet and shoulder area in particular are incredibly impressive so it would be nice to see a more premium brand like Hot Toys take on this project. To due justice to the costume (and character) you really need to nail the details and that takes perfect paint application. Not to mention, in the 1:6 scale figure game Hot Toys is one of the best at realistic eyes so putting the project of them fiery orange gems in their hands only seems fitting.

This list could go on forever, so for now we will cut it short to these 5 entries!

While this particular Marvel Hot Toys Wishlist was limited to just 5 entries there’s easily a few dozen 1:6 scale figures just in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone that we would love to see Hot Toys explore producing but from a financial standpoint in some cases it’s just not feasible. Unless Hot Toys can sell a certain minimum threshold for each sixth scale figure the design, development & production costs associated are simply not worth it. In the past, Hot Toys has had difficulty with sell through of certain villains (think back to Electro from Spider-Man for example) or lesser-known characters and as a result are more cautious these days when choosing what next to develop. Often times it’s a safer bet to release a new Iron Man Hot Toys figure than explore a new character entirely but here’s to hoping they take more risks in 2019 with the Marvel license and any others they may be soon to explore.

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