Top 5 90s Television Shows That Need 1:6 Scale Figures

For more than a decade now it seems Hollywood has had a bit of an obsession with the remake of classic movies from the 90’s era. But where’s the love for the television shows of the 1990’s that helped raise and babysit a generation of youth after school? While the remake of a multi-season show that is still syndicated is unlikely, it would be nice to see Hot Toys or another 1:6 scale figure manufacturer grab a license or two in this space and see what sticks with collectors. While Hot Toys may need to stick to the bread and butter licenses like Marvel & Star Wars to justify production there’s plenty of opportunity here for smaller sixth scale figure manufacturing companies to capitalize on what’s almost a completely untouched category in this niche. Every show has it’s fan base but here’s a look at my personal Top 5 90s Television Shows That Need 1:6 Scale Figures..


When you think of iconic 90’s television shows one of the first that should immediately come to mind without question is Seinfeld. This legendary sitcom ran for nine seasons and quite literally helped set the stage for so many sitcoms that would later follow. There’s no question that this show has one of the largest fan bases of any TV series that has ever run on television. Which means checking the box off for “demand” by sixth scale collectors should be a safe bet. So why then haven’t we seen Seinfeld 1:6 scale figures make it to market yet? My guess would be license cost with the massive success of the show. But that doesn’t mean we are going to stop hoping for a deluxe 4-figure set with a diorama setup of Jerry’s apartment. Ahh, one can dream..

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Good thing Will Smith’s mom sent him to live with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air or we might not have got The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and that would have been a bigger tragedy than the loss of Uncle Phil (James Avery) in 2013. The spotlight wasn’t just all on Will’s character every episode but the supporting cast members like Uncle Phil, Carlton, Ashley and Jazz all brought a unique, light-hearted perspective. The only characters that would absolutely need to be made in 1:6 scale figure form in my opinion would be Will Smith & Carlton Banks but like anything, once you start a set it’s hard to resist completing it. Hot Toys has produced 1:6 scale Movie Masterpiece Series figures of Will Smith in the past so it’s on them to make this one happen!

Married With Children

Al Bundy’s family in Married with Children was the polar opposite of everything wholesome and pure that was portrayed in most other sitcoms and shows of the era like the Cosby Show for example. For a lot of viewers, this was a breath of fresh air on television and felt a lot more authentic and true to life. The show was often described as real life but with a studio audience. There was something relatable about Al Bundy, a low level women’s shoe salesman who had a miserable life constantly bickering with his lazy wife over their lack of money, success and a generally unexciting life. The Bundys kids, Kelly and Bud, were dim-witted and good for nothing but essential to completing the cast and the feel of the show. This is one show where “all or none” would be my mentality as a 1:6 scale figure collector. Meaning, either these figures were released as a set of (4) with the iconic Bundy couch or it’s a pass from me. As the tagline of the show and lyric from the famous Frank Sinatra song suggests, “you can’t have one without the other.” 

Beavis and Butt-Head

During the music video era before the Internet and YouTube really kicked off when MTV was at it’s height of popularity there was a show that labeled itself “dumb, crude, ugly, thoughtless and sexist” in a pre-show disclaimer but it was hard not to laugh at Beavis and Butt-Head. Listening to these two hurl immature comments at music videos and get involved in all kinds of childlike high jinks was a kind of funny that wouldn’t be possible in today’s era of political correctness. Creating cartoon 1:6 scale figures is always hit or miss when a sixth scale manufacturer can’t strike a balance between realism and maintaining the cartoon feel and aesthetic of the character. Hot Toys has had success with their earlier Mars Attacks! releases (and others) so it would be nice to how they might handle some of the iconic animated characters of the 90’s.

That ’70s Show

This one having premiered in 1998 just barely made the cut for the list but this retro comedy about a group of teenage stoner friends on the verge of adulthood is the kind of classic you can re-watch again and again. The entire cast of That ’70s Show right down to the somewhat secondary roles of Red & Kitty Forman were so perfectly executed and lovable. The main cast of Eric, Fez, Donna, Jackie, Michael and Steven were the perfect blend of personality types so that everyone watching could feel a connection to at least one of the characters on the show, if not many. While these 1:6 scale figures might be a little on the “boring” side and having the whole cast produced or on display would not be feasible it would be nice to see at least Eric, Michael, Fez and Steven produced. Maybe Donna too but the annoying Jackie we can do without.

Sixth scale figure manufacturers historically have focused on creating figures and collectibles from successful Hollywood movies likely because of the large built-in fan base that comes with a huge blockbuster hit. But with some of these ’90s TV shows still in syndication on cable networks today and streaming companies spending big money for the rights to air them it’s no secret that millions and millions of people love these shows and characters. So why then do we see so few figures based on successful television shows? My best guess would be that it has something to do with the cost to license and produce merchandise for such a popular broadcast show but that’s nothing more than a random guess. Maybe it’s just a case of 1:6 scale figure and collectible companies wanting to remain cautious and produce what they know will sell in quantity and not sit around their warehouse warming the shelves? Whatever the case, it would be nice to see Hot Toys and other companies like Sideshow, Blitzway and Mondo to name a few pick-up a license or two from the television world and see how it sells instead of the safe Iron Man re-paint release. Not that we don’t love those, too, but a little variety couldn’t hurt!

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