XM Studios Batman Sanity Statue – Now Available for Pre-Order!

Remember that huge XM Studios Batman and accompanying villains one sixth scale statue you caught a glimpse of back at New York Comic Con 2018? Looks like this beautiful piece by artist David Finch is now officially available for pre-order as of today, April 24th 2019. This absolutely giant 1:6 scale diorama series features Batman and a total of 12 fully sculpted and detailed characters in sixth scale. As far as statue dioramas are concerned, the most you typically see is 2-3 different unique characters at battle or posed alongside one another. This takes the idea of a diorama and what you would call a “centerpiece” to your collection to an entirely new level. XM Studios is well known in the collectibles business for stellar paint application and a sculpt that is continually improved based on customer feedback throughout the design process. The company is very active on social media in Facebook groups and various other places online where they connect directly with fans which is instrumental in getting the best quality product to market for collectors everywhere. While this particular Batman Sanity (DC Comics) Full Color 1:6 Scale Statue makes the perfect centerpiece for any collector and DC fan it comes at a hefty price… $2999.99 USD.

XM Studios (Batman Sanity) 1:6 Scale Statue – Full Color by Artist David Finch & XM Studios Design Team

Caught your breath now after reading that price tag out loud? This is no easy pill to swallow for any XM Studios collector or statue collector but with a Limited Edition run (for the Full Color version) at only 388 maximum units Worldwide it’s certainly going to be something that down the road is only going to go one direction in price: up! Even though it’s got a steep price tag, the number of DC Comics fans and people that collect statues has been steadily on the rise throughout 2018 and 2019. Now you might be asking yourself why there has been several mentions of this version of the piece being the ‘Full Color’ variant and the reason for that is that XM Studios is also offering what they are calling a Noir inspired smoked painted version as well. Here’s a peek at the other version of this statue for anyone curious how they compare:

XM Studios Batman Sanity (Noir Smoked Version) 1:6 Scale Statue

The idea or principle behind the statue is that these villains constantly torment Batman throughout his daily life and while they prove to be formidable opponents in many cases, his resolve and character is too tough to break! That being said, the “Noir” smoked out version of this Batman Sanity XM Studios Statue does indeed take me to a place where our hero might be in slumber land and still being tormented by these everyday demons of his. According to the official product description on the XM Studios website in both versions of the statue there is a bit of an Easter egg that mightttt have something to do the The Riddler. Both versions of this 1:6 scale masterpiece are crafted from cold-cast porcelain and EXTREMELY limited in quantity! As stated earlier, the Full Color version is limited to 388 pieces worldwide and the “noir smoked” version is a maximum of 108 pieces worldwide. With the number of Batman & DC Comics fanatics and collectors around the world don’t be surprised if this piece sells out early!

Picking up a piece like this in North America is never cheap (XM Studios being based in Singapore – not exactly nearby!) but you can lock in a Pre-Order at the lowest advertised price available anywhere right here @ ToyOrigin.com for $2999.99 USD. Sure it doesn’t sound cheap but with an additional 5% in Reward Points (cash back) with your Order that’s another $150 back in your pocket that you can use on a future order to save some extra coin. The other plus side is that instead of paying to ship your item from Singapore or half-way across the world your Order will ship right here from North America (Canada to be exact) which will save you even more in shipping costs. This item weighs in at close to 50KG and comes in (2) giant boxes so shipping from Singapore or other regions in Asia could amount to over $500-600+ USD in some cases. Save your money and lock in a Pre-Order now or you will be stuck competing later with collectors on eBay and in other aftermarkets with very deep pockets..

Pre-Order Batman Sanity (DC Comics) 1:6 Scale Statue – Full Color, David Finch

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