Hot Toys Black Widow Avengers Endgame Pre-Order Goes Live!

With showings for Avengers: Endgame now in full swing in theaters across the world the announcement you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be seeing dozens of new collectibles announced and put on display over the coming days. Just a little over a week ago Hot Toys gave us a look at the updated version of Hawkeye (Ronin) Sixth Scale Figure who is looking at lot more like a ninja (*cough* Ronin) and a lot less like what we had seen from the character in previous films. A welcome change and refresh for his outfit that most fans seem excited about. We also got a look at the Iron Man LXXXV Sixth Scale Figure and another version of everyone’s favorite villain Thanos (Avengers: Endgame) Sixth Scale Figure but this time rocking a full suit of armor and ready for what the Avengers have in store for him this film. The latest Hot Toys figure announcement is an updated look at Black Widow – with a brand new suit and hair style!

Black Widow (Avengers: Endgame) Sixth Scale Figure – Hot Toys

One complaint that Hot Toys collectors always seemed to have when it came to Black Widow was the accuracy of the head sculpt and the overall likeness. It turns out this criticism was not unique to just Black Widow but most of the female sixth scale figures that the company produces. When images began to surface of this figure prior to it’s official reveal the overall resounding opinion was that this head sculpt was truly a step above any other version of Black Widow that had been produced to date and it’s obvious to see why: this head sculpt is BRILLIANT! The decision by Hot Toys to go with sculpted hair versus using rooted hair like they have in previous sixth scale figure releases of Black Widow was a wise choice as not only does it look better but there is no having to manage or style the hair to achieve an accurate look.

Ready to whoop Thanos’ ass in Avengers: Endgame!

If you own a previous release of Black Widow from Hot Toys and try to stick to a “1 figure per character” rule it’s going to be really tough to try and resist upgrading to this version. The changes to the suit look remarkable and the kind of ‘leather’ used here is very likely a material that will not degrade over time. A huge plus for anyone who has seen the damage that can be done to a figure that’s cared for just over years being exposed to the air. Good to see that Hot Toys is continually making changes and upgrades to their work process and the materials used to give collectors a better value. While the amount of accessories included seems quite minimal compared to something like an Iron Man release the price tag is quite a bit different, too. The Pre-Order for this Black Widow (Avengers: Endgame) Sixth Scale Figure comes in at only $224.99 USD versus a price-tag of $400+ on both Thanos & Iron Man Mark LXXXV. Even Captain America (Avengers: Endgame) Sixth Scale Figure has a price tag that is another 40 bucks north of this figure. Even looking at some of the third party non-licensed figures we have seen hit the market over the last 3-6 months have been in the $220+ range so it’s good to see Hot Toys staying away from sticker shock with this one.

Do you plan on picking up this version of Black Widow from what will go down as one of the most comic book films ever?

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