Iron Man Hot Toys Nano Gauntlet (Life-Size) Now Up For Pre-Order!

With Avengers: Endgame having now been airing in theaters for well over a week the Russo Brothers have officially lifted the spoiler ban. That means merchandise manufacturers like Hot Toys and others are rolling out the rest of their line-up of toys, collectibles and must buys for fans of the film and the franchise. We previously got a look at a few of the Hot Toys Avengers: Endgame releases such as: Thanos, Captain America, Iron Man Mark LXXXV, Nebula, War Machine, Black Widow and others. And to top it off we have seen a few leaks the last few days including a peek at the Avengers: Endgame versions of Rocket, Pepper Potts (in her Rescue suit) and even a glimpse of what looks like Professor Hulk. To change things up a little though, Hot Toys today officially announced and made available for Pre-Order a line-up of Nano Gauntlets as seen in the film in a few different scale sizes!

Iron Man Mark LXXXV alongside the Life-Size 1:1 scale Nano Gauntlet from Hot Toys

You might remember the Life-Size 1:1 Scale Infinity Gauntlet that was available from Hot Toys as seen in the film Avengers: Infinity War. This behemoth measured in at close to 26 inches in height and was an absolute monster in size and weight. But no surprise there, the gauntlet was worn by Thanos after all and he’s anything but tiny. These new Hot Toys Nano Gauntlets are replicas available in both 1:1 life-size scale and 1:4 quarter scale versions and it comes in two different variations: the one we see worn by Iron Man and the other worn by The Hulk. The Nano Gauntlet (Iron Man) Life-Size 1:1 Scale Replica comes with a price tag of just $369.99 USD – literally less than HALF the cost of the 1:1 Scale Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet by Hot Toys. Keep in mind however the size difference between the two and refer to the above picture to get a visual representation of what they might look like displayed beside each other.

A closer look at the Hot Toys Life-Size 1:1 Scale Iron Man Nano Gauntlet

On top of the 1:1 Life-Size Hot Toys Nano Gauntlet they also unveiled a few accompanying quarter scale (1:4 scale) versions of the Nano Gauntlet as well for fans with less space or resources to dedicate to a single item. The Nano Gauntlet (Hulk Version) – Avengers: Endgame 1:4 Scale Version weighs in at just $139.99 USD versus the almost $400 price point of the 1:1 Life-Size version. With only a fraction of the Avengers: Endgame Hot Toys releases announced and available for pre-order as a Hot Toys collector you might be asking yourself: where do I spend my money? Now is the time to decide before it’s too late and pre-order allocations begin to dry up. Howard Chan was quoted saying that pre-orders for the Mark L release of Iron Man were in the “tens of thousands” so I can only imagine how many orders the Mark LXXXV will receive with it being the last appearance of beloved Tony Stark on the big screen.

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