Iron Studios Avengers: Endgame 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statue Line-Up Now Available!

Iron Studios has quickly become a household name in the pop culture collectibles space over the last few years with their growing line-up of popular 1:10 BDS Art Scale Statues featuring characters from the world of Marvel, DC Comics and other popular brands. The biggest upside for a lot of collectors to collecting this line of 1:10 scale statues versus much larger quarter scale (1:4) statues from Iron Studios or other brands is that they are a good intersect of price and value. You get a piece that with the included base has a significant enough footprint (usually anywhere from 9″ to 12″ or more) where you can appreciate details without your collection quickly overwhelming your available free space or breaking the bank. But for those of you who have no problem shelling out the extra dough for something with a little more presence, Iron Studios has recently unveiled and began to put up for pre-order their brand new line of Avengers: Endgame 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statues giving us a look at the main four: Iron Man (Mark LXXV), Thanos, Thor and Captain America. So far we have seen the Captain America 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statue and the Thor 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statue go up for pre-order but the others should be soon to follow if the promo pics are any indication.

A look at the line-up of Iron Studios Legacy Replica 1:4 Scale Statues from Avengers: Endgame

Pictures of these four beauties actually hit social media sometime in the days leading up to the official reveal and the fan response was overwhelmingly positive for the most part. A lot of collectors were quick to label this version of Captain America as the definitive representation of Chris Evans on the silver screen and the “piece to own” if you love the character. As we know, after the events of Avengers: Endgame we learned we will no longer see the same Captain America in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films so this truly is a statue collector’s last chance to own a visual representation of the character that won your heart over these last 10 years of cinema. Iron Studios has Captain America at a suggested retail price of $799.99 USD for the “Deluxe” version which comes with an additional head sculpt that you can swap-in with no helmet and an incredible Chris Evans likeness. Secure your Pre-Order now for the Iron Studios Captain America (Avengers: Endgame) Legacy Replica 1:4 Scale Statue because it would not shock me if this Deluxe version sold out soon!

A closer look at the Iron Studios Captain America (Deluxe) 1;4 Scale Legacy Replica Statue – $799.99 USD

The second in the Iron Studios line of 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statues from Avengers: Endgame to go up for Pre-Order just in the last few days was the Thor (Avengers: Endgame) 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statue at a suggested MSRP of $749.99 USD. This particular quarter scale statue features Thor (as played by Chris Hemsworth) rocking the full length, braided beard and accompanying long, flowing hair that we saw in the face-off against Thanos and his army at the end of the film. This statue comes in a little cheaper than the Captain America counter-part because it does not include a second head sculpt but does include a switch-out. You can change the pose and switch-out the left arm to hold Mjolnir at his side or have that same hand be rested atop Stormbreaker – the choice is yours. It’s good to see that Iron Studios opted to not include the pot belly here because even though it is screen accurate that’s not how I want to remember the Thunder God from this epic film. Secure your Pre-Order now for the Iron Studios Thor (Avengers: Endgame) Legacy Replica 1:4 Scale Statue because well..Odyn demands it.

A closer look at the Iron Studios Thor 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statue – $749.99 USD

Iron Studios has been releasing these 1:4 Scale Legacy Replica Statues for Pre-Order in what seems like a controlled, slow fashion instead of dropping all 4 on us at once. One can speculate that it means the Iron Man and Thanos statues that are forthcoming might still be undergoing revisions and changes but who knows. What we do know is that they are inbound at some point over the next week or two so it would be wise to keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts for the link on it when it officially goes live! Do you plan on adding these Iron Studios Quarter Scale statues from Avengers: Endgame to your existing statue collection? Are you a brand new collector thinking of taking the plunge on one of these beauties? There’s no better time than the present.

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