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Probably the single most requested feature for our website is the addition of payment plans so that collectors like yourself can customize the frequency and amount of their payment(s) towards the latest pre-orders from Hot Toys, Sideshow, Mezco Toyz, XM Studios & any other item available in our extensive catalog. Well today is the day we grant that wish! We are proud to introduce fully customizable Payment Plans via our partner,, that will enable customers to setup and configure a payment plan that is custom tailored to your needs. Customers can setup a payment plan with a set number of payments based on the total amount owed or they can chose a payment dollar amount per month and it will adjust the # of months required for pay-off that balance. The beauty of this new integration is that not only is the process 100% automated but you get the power to decide how much you would want to pay and when. Get a jump start on paying off that long list of Hot Toys pre-orders by starting the payment process now instead of later all at once!

A look at the Checkout process customization – Down Payment, Duration, Frequency

How to Place an Order @ with Payment Plan

Placing an Order that you want to setup with a Payment Plan @ is quite an easy process! The number of steps below might look intimidating at first but we simply broke it down into as many easy-to-read and understand bullet points as possible so there’s no confusion on how to correctly complete the Checkout process:

  • Complete the Checkout process for the pre-order deposit (10%) paid of the item.
  • Once paid you will receive an Order confirmation via e-mail for the Pre-Order.
  • Login to your account @ and click on My Orders. Here you will find a Balance Order # and a Deposit Order # that was created.
  • Click on the PAY button for the Balance Order # (the remaining owed) and this will forward you to the Checkout page.
  • During the Checkout process for your method of Payment select “ Payment Plan”
  • This will forward you to the step where you customize your payment amount(s) and frequency/duration for the balance amount owed on your Order.

The beauty of making the switch over to for Payment Plans is that the entire process is handled automatically! There’s no need to login to your account routinely to manually process a payment – the amount ($) you selected during the Checkout process will be debited from your credit card on the date(s) you selected with no interaction from you! Never forget a payment and fall behind again. Pretty nifty, huh? We want to improve the customer experience for collectors worldwide and enabling customers of every budget to access our premium collectibles is a big step forward in that process. Gone are the days of throwing down $3-400+ dollars at once on a single purchase – now you can conveniently spread it across a number of months (or weeks) where it’s more affordable and manageable to you.

NO Credit Check and 0% Interest on Payment Plans via @

Frequently Asked Questions – Payment Plans @

1.) Can I purchase “In Stock” items using a Payment Plan via

Sadly, no. Payment plans are reserved for items that are in Pre-Order status and not yet available for purchase. This allows the customer a number of months (or weeks) leading up to the release of the product to schedule payment(s) so that the balance is fully paid prior to the release of the item.

2.) What if my Payment Plan is not finished and an item is released?

If you still have outstanding payments remaining on an item that is due to release the full remaining balance owed must be paid within 7-days of receipt of the product at our warehouse. Customers will be sent a notice ahead of time (1-2 weeks prior to arrival) of an item’s eminent arrival so they can make preparations and the payment(s) associated.

3.) How secure is is incredibly secure! In fact, they are one of the most trusted payment providers in the space and have a partnership with Stripe, another well-known brand in the payment gateway space. They utilize high-level SSL encryption – the most advanced security software available for online transactions.

4.) Does accept PayPal or other forms of payment?

At this time only accepts major credit and debit cards so for PayPal Checkouts you will have to process a transaction without a Payment Plan.

5.) Can I change a scheduled payment date with Payment Plans?

Changing a scheduled payment date for your payment plan requires approval from Toy Origin first to be processed by Email us via the Contact Us section here on our website and if your request is within reason we will be happy to accommodate and advise to change the payment date. Please note: if this is abused your Payment Plan could be subject to terminator or early cancellation and be due in full.

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