Marvel Comics – Scarlet Spider Origins

Everything you know about Spider-Man is wrong.

At least that’s what Marvel Comics wanted everyone to believe back in 1994 when they re-introduced Spider-Man’s perfect clone, Ben Reilly. Good ol’ Ben had lain dormant since the one-off story that simultaneously introduced and killed him off in Amazing Spider-Man #149 back in 1975. Created by super-baddie The Jackal, Ben laid dormant for nearly twenty years only to be revealed alive and well and having taken on the blatant copyright infringing moniker of the Scarlet Spider.

He would eventually be revealed as the one, true Peter Parker, NOT the clone and would take on the main Spider-Man identity.  Your regularly scheduled Peter was then free to live a happily married life with Mary Jane Watson. This was all an overly convoluted plan by Marvel’s editorial staff to give the world the single, no ring, all flings, blonde Peter Parker that absolutely nobody was asking for. Fans hated it, Ben was killed off again, the real Parker returned, and all was right with the world.  

Despite the fact that the Clone Saga was universally panned, the Scarlet Spider proved popular enough to keep turning up, both in comics and other media. From cameos in the 90s X-Men and Fantastic Four Animated Series, to full-fledged guest appearances on both the Fox Spider-Man Animated Series and the relatively recent Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six cartoon. He would even return to comics in 2017 in a solo lead role as the titular Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider, after a brief villainous turn in the Spider-Man event, The Clone Conspiracy. 

Scarlet Spider Popping Up In Video Games, too!

Most pertinent to our interest, though, were his continued appearances in a plethora of Spider-Man video games. From 2000 until the present, the Scarlet Spider costume has appeared as an optional character skin in nearly every major Spider-Man game or Marvel game starring Spidey. From Activision’s fan-favorite Spider-man for the PlayStation, to the Nintendo Wii’s Spider-Man: Web of Shadows to Edge of Time, Shattered Dimensions, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and, most recently, 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4. A critically acclaimed entry in the Spider-Man series, Insomniac’s masterpiece features plenty of different duds for Spidey to model as he saves NYC, and Hot Toys took notice. The 1/6 action figure manufacturer obtained the license to produce potentially all of the game’s different looks for the web-head, with the “Advanced” suit and the Spider-Punk costume both releasing this summer.

What’s next for our favorite wall-crawler in a hooded sweatshirt? We’re not sure, but what is without question is that he’ll be forever memorialized as a Hot Toys action figure this summer. Based on the Insomniac video game license, the Scarlet Spider was revealed as a 2019 Toy Fair Exclusive, only for the pre-order to sell out the very same day. He’s, as of this writing, waitlisted on Sideshow Collectibles website, but the chances of you still nabbing one, whether by signing up for said waitlist, or by Sideshow possibly opening up orders again, are high. Turn on your spidey-sense and keep a look out, because you don’t want to miss out again. 

You can try your luck on the waitlist here:

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