Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Daredevil – Vigilante Edition Review

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is my favorite Marvel character. Netflix’s Daredevil is proof of how engaging these comics and characters can be. I was very excited when Mezco Toyz announced that they would be bringing Charlie Cox’s character into its One:12 Collective line. And while there are a lot of things Mezco nailed with this figure, there are also a few unfortunate missteps. Here are my thoughts..

DESIGN: 9/10

This particular look for Daredevil is based off the characters initial costume from Season 1 of the series, which in itself is inspired by Frank Miller’s design. A similar costume is also used in Season 3 of the show, with some differences, such as the Muay Thai ropes around the arms and the white lining around the mask. Interestingly enough, the Season 3 costume is the one seen on the box art for the figure. Overall I think it’s a great costume that really showcases the do-it-yourself elements of Matt Murdock’s early career.

As far as execution goes, I think Mezco Toyz did a great job bringing Daredevil from screen to the figure. The head sculpts bear a close likeness, although I wish an unmasked head sculpt was included. Being an all black costume it may understandably appear somewhat basic but there are enough smaller details such as the red lining on the shirt to break up the monotony. Opting for the wooden billy clubs was also an excellent choice because I think it brings out some of the ruggedness of the character.

My main gripe with the design of the figure is also my biggest issue with the figure; the body. Vigilante Daredevil uses the same buck as Mezco One:12 Collective Joker figures. Because of that, I think the figure can appear too thin. The shoulders are fairly narrow in appearance and the large head of the figure only accentuates this more. This of course can be mitigated with proper lighting and good camera work but overall I think a better buck would greatly improve this figure. Especially since this is currently the only Daredevil that uses this buck.


Personally, I value articulation in a figure higher than anything else. The most important thing to me when choosing what figure to buy is whether or not it can pose similarly to its source material. Unfortunately, this is the figures biggest drawback. As I said, this Daredevil shares the Joker’s buck, which has 28 points of articulation. My main issue with this buck are the single jointed elbows. Vigilante Daredevil cannot bend more than 90 degrees at the elbow, and this is made worse with the use of pleather around the forearms. If not adjusted, the pleather can wrap around the elbow and inhibit movement. The head and neck are also a single piece, but it’s not as limiting as I thought it would be.

Despite these issues, you can still get some decent poses with the figure. There’s some good range of motion in the torso and the legs are not too restricted by the pants. The material used for the clothing is also very forgiving so you won’t have to worry when keeping him in dynamic poses for long periods of time. The material used should return to it’s original look and feel with relative ease. Overall, you might not be able to get the most acrobatic poses but for your typical fighting poses the figure will do fine.

I was able to approximate the Muay Thai ropes using hemp cording!


Mezco’s Vigilante Daredevil comes with a small number of accessories: One alternate head, three pairs of hands and one set of billy clubs. The standard Mezco display base is also included. For $80 though, you don’t get a lot here. Some accessories that I think would have added value are an unmasked head sculpt and maybe a diorama piece or backdrop. The accessory set here just doesn’t compare to other offerings from the One:12 Collective line.

I think Mezco missed a great opportunity here to include some alternate accessories to essentially make the season 3 costume. For example, a rope sleeve piece to slide over the forearms and a pair of roped fists would have been great accessories to bulk up what was included. Perhaps another head sculpt with the white lining (and some stubble!) to complete the look. Being able to switch between the Season 1 and 3 looks would help justify the price point ($80 USD) a little more.


In the end I think Mezco Toyz did an awesome job bringing this Daredevil into One:12 form. In the right conditions he can look like he came straight from the screen. Unfortunately, articulation issues and the lack of accessories makes it hard to justify the $80 price tag for some collectors. If you are a massive Mezco fan like I am, this Daredevil may seem like a step back compared to other figures from the One:12 line but not every release can be a complete home run. That being said, if you are a fan of the TV show and character (also me), the likeness and accuracy of the costume alone warrants my recommendation and a purchase.


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