Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Joker: Clown Prince of Crime Edition Review

THE CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME is the latest Summer release from Mezco Toyz, and the second Joker in the One:12 Collective. This take on the character seems to be influenced by punk and rockabilly styles which is something we don’t traditionally see from the character outside of the version of Joker we saw in the film Suicide Squad. Initially I was not a fan of the overall design because of the color and style choices but in hand the figure does look really great. While the figure does not come with a ton of accessories compared to other One:12 Collective releases what is included does the trick. Mezco Toyz did not take a traditional approach with the design of this version of the Joker but there’s no doubt about it that this is a unique look and a great figure. 

DESIGN: 10/10

Dressed in a short-sleeve button down, vest and pinstripe pants, the design for this Joker is very unique from the many iterations of the character previously seen. I think the primary head sculpt included is excellent and it has a similar look to the design of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s New 52 run. The outfit on the figure fits well for this take on Batman’s greatest foe. Some Joker designs can definitely lean in the direction of campiness but this design does fit the maniacal elements of the character. It makes a great complimentary figure to Mezco Toyz recently released Sovereign Knight Batman One:12 Collective figure as well. All of the clothing is tailored exceptionally well and with very minimal restriction to articulation. In short, this Joker has a great unconventional design that will stand out among your collection.

Aside from the tailored outfit are the suspender straps, knife sheaths, studded belt, and work boots. The suspenders hang around the figures waist but they can also  fit on the torso if you prefer to display them in that position. Other elements of the figure like the black painted fingernails also showcase the punk inspired theme they were aiming for here. It feels like this is a younger version of the character who is much better suited for the title of Clown Prince. Overall, this is a very bold look for the character and the Mezco Toyz team did a great job delivering not only on quality but they also nailed the theme and style without overdoing it.


This Joker uses one of Mezco Toyz skinnier bucks which makes sense for the character. For comparison, I believe it’s on the buck/body that was used for Daredevil: Vigilante Edition. I’m not 100% on that though because this figure does not have the same ab crunch. The arms are single-jointed but because of the character and their typical range of motion in the comics and source material I think it works just fine. Of course I always welcome more mobility and a part of me wishes double-jointed elbows would be the standard for Mezco Toyz but there’s likely a design reason that some come without. The head and neck are a single sculpt but it still allows for a good range of movement. Besides the limited torso movement everything else poses just fine with little effort. With 28 points of articulation you shouldn’t have any problems getting this Joker into the poses you want. 


Packaged with the Joker: Clown Prince of Crime Edition One:12 Collective figure are some great accessories albeit only a few of them. There are two head sculpts included in the package with one having a more disheveled look. My favorite accessory is definitely the teddy bear with explosives strapped on to it. Talk about the perfect accessory for this attitude filled version of the Joker. The skull-handled cane is also a great addition. For weapons, there are two knives that can fit into the belt sheaths and a submachine gun with a spare magazine and muzzle flare attachment. There are also several pairs of hands for the various accessories and I’ve had no issues swapping them out. As always, the standard display base and post are also included in the package for the more traditional poser.  

While the included accessories are fitting choices for this version of the Joker I do wish that more were included. Compared to Mezco Toyz previous Joker release the selection here feels lacking. A jacket or trench coat would have been a great addition and would really make the figure feel more complete. Some more props would be handy, too. A few examples of such accessories that could have been included are: clattering teeth or a flag labeled “BANG!” to come out of a gun barrel. These few additions would have definitely helped make the figure “scream” Joker more than it already does.


This is the second Joker to be released in the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective line of figures. If you missed out on the first, the Joker Clown Prince of Crime Edition One:12 Collective Figure is a must have pick-up for DC Comics and Joker fans. It has a more modern aesthetic that pairs great with the Sovereign Knight Batman. I wish the accessory set was a bit larger but what’s included will suffice for a number of different display options and toy photography opportunities. The figure poses fluidly and the bright colors of the outfit look great in person and on camera. If you want a well designed, unique figure to stand out in your 1:12 scale figure or Mezco Toyz collection this would be the one to get.


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