Mezco One: 12 Collective SDCC 2019 Predictions

This year’s San-Diego Comic-Con is nearly upon us. For action figure collectors, that means impatiently waiting for our favorite toy companies to announce what new wares we can expect to spend our hard-earned cash on. Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective line has been knocking the fans dead with their reveals recently, leaving very little doubt that this summer’s unveilings will do any different. 

This past February, their Toy Fair showing was fantastic. From heavy hitters like the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman to cult favorites such as Moon Knight and the aliens from the 1988 film “They Live”, the company hit all of the right chords with genre fans. While they did have many of these new figures on display at Toy Fair, there were several that were not available to see in person. I’m expecting to see the likes of Aquaman, Gambit, and the aforementioned regular release of Moon Knight on hand at SDCC. Another I’d expect to see is the much-anticipated final installment of Mezco’s own stylized Batman trilogy of figures, the “Supreme Knight” Batman. Throw in possible appearances by some Previews Exclusives like Cyclops, Cable and Green Lantern Hal Jordan and you’ll have plenty of happy fans.

Moving on from the fairly safe guesses, let’s now take a look at our Top 5 Mezco SDCC 2019 Predictions we’re hoping to see announced at the show. 


This seems like a no-brainer, so we’ll start here. Spider-Man: Far From Home has just hit theaters this week to plenty of positive reaction. The timing would be perfect for Mezco Toyz to announce a follow-up to their universally well-received Spider-Man: Homecoming figure.  The toy manufacturer isn’t always the best at syncing their toy releases with the movie releases anyhow, so announcing this at SDCC for release sometime next year would hardly raise any eyebrows. Throw in the fact that much of the work is done for them, considering the buck, accessories and even head sculpt would be either identical or extremely similar to the Homecoming release. A figure based on the film’s Stealth Suit would require some more work, but would still be in a similar comfort zone. It could even be released as a Fall Exclusive much like the Homemade Suit was last year. 


It has always been just a matter of time until this figure gets the One: 12 Collective treatment. Mezco’s obvious love of the Scary, their holding of the license (for the third film in the franchise, at least) and their methodical checking off of horror icons this past year leaves little doubt in my mind that we’ll be seeing the leader of the Cenobites appear, likely at SDCC. The franchise is on track to not only receive a film reboot soon, but also a television series, so what better time to give fans what they want? Pinhead would fit in perfectly on the shelf with Freddy, Michael, Jason and the like. Give him a Lament Configuration (open and closed?) to hold, and throw in some fun extras like the bladed tools Mezco’s 12” figure comes with, and we’re off to the races.


The ranks of the “Big Seven” era of the DC Comics’ Justice League have slowly been getting filled over the years, beginning with Superman, and then followed by the Flash and Batman (so many Batmans). 2019 and 2020 will presumably see three more slots hurriedly filled with the release of two Green Lanterns (neither Kyle Rayner, but it could happen eventually), Aquaman and, eventually, Wonder Woman. Could there be a more opportune moment to announce “The Manhunter from Mars,” J’onn J’onzz, as joining the ranks of the One: 12 Collective? Comic book aficionados would rejoice and completists building their JLA shelf would savor the possibility of finishing the line-up. It would also be interesting to see what Mezco’s designers could come up with, as the character only truly needs a few visual constants to be present to be recognizable.


The Toy Fair reveal of Michael Keaton’s incarnation of Batman has me obsessed with the possibility that the Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective line will be doing another of Keaton’s iconic, late 80s film roles, the bio-exorcist, “ghost with the most”, Beetlejuice. Garbed in his black and white striped suit, along with a copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, a tombstone with an epitaph that reads, “Here lies Betelgeuse,” and some alternate heads? It could happen. I’m so excited for this prediction that I’m simply going to will it into existence by saying his name three times, whether Mez likes it or not. It’s showtime!


For the final prediction, we’re just going full wish list. How do you both top and compliment what is arguably Mezco’s biggest reveal of Toy Fair 2019, the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman figure? Do I really need to answer?

I thought not.

The truth is, your guesses are as good as mine. San Diego Comic-Con is always full of surprises, whether they be film, TV or toy-related. Mezco will undoubtedly shock us all with their One: 12 reveals this year and, whether or not they happen to be something I’m predicting, we’ll all be just as excited to find out what they are. Finding out how right, or wrong, we are is just part of the fun.

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