Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective San Diego Comic Con 2019 Preview Night

Another San Diego Comic Con is upon us and with it, another anxious and impatient look at what the Toy Gods have deigned to offer us puny mortals. Pop culture’s biggest even of the year officially kicks off on Thursday, but Preview Night, the day before, gives attendees a sneak peek at what is coming. As such, we’re fully prepared to piggyback on those attendees and their social media photography so that we can make our opinions known. Let’s take a look at one of our favorite toy lines, Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective and peek at what they showed off.

Before we jump into the new reveals at the show, let’s take a look at the figures that we knew were coming but we hadn’t seen in hand yet.

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The One: 12 Collective versions of a comic Wonder Woman and a comic Aquaman were shown in full in a Toy Fair brochure but the prototypes are looking even better. The regular release of Moon Knight is also looking sharp, but the real crowd pleaser is the ragin’ Cajun, Gambit.

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Ol’ Remy Lebeau looks beautiful. Mezco stuck with nearly all of his original comic book design and it works perfectly. I can not wait for this figure. 

Now let’s move on to the new reveals...


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First up is the champion of K’un L’un, the Immortal Iron Fist, Danny Rand.  There’s a lot to like here. The masked head sculpt looks great, as do the wrapped forearms and hands. No surprise that Danny will be coming with some Kung Fu-style posed hands (I know nothing about martial arts, forgive me), but it is nice to see that here. The buck being used for his body looks more muscular than, say, Daredevil, so probably something similar to Deadpool or the Flash, which works for me.

The vibrant colors on his costume and mask really pop, but that sure is a lot of green. While I appreciate the piping appliqués they’re using to break up the pajama feel of the onesie, it needs some more yellow for contrast. Perhaps if the piping itself were yellow or if they gave him his traditional yellow sash belt? Making the dragon symbol (the silhouette of Shou-Lao the Undying, FYI) on his chest yellow instead of black, as the Marvel Puzzle Quest game did, could be a solution as well. We’ll see, I suppose. Either way, very excited to see more of Iron Fist. Now bring on the classic belly button look!


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This is an odd choice. As Spider-Man villains go, this is several rungs of the ladder down from plenty of other, more iconic options. As a Marvel Comics anti-hero, he’s still pretty C-List. When you consider that there’s a Jared Leto -starring Morbius movie filming as I type this, the choice becomes a little less weird, but still. I’m just going to chalk this up to Mezco being a huge fan of street-level characters and, in particular, of the Midnight Sons back in the 90s. Throw ol’ Michael Morbius on the shelf with Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and Blade and you’re getting very close to the full roster.

Morbius’ costume is based on his classic first appearance in Amazing Spider-man #101. It’s a nice Mezco-ization of that look, and I especially like the “splatter” appliqués they’ve got going on. Very subtle. The head sculpt is the real winner here and I’m eager to see what their inevitable “I’m going to rip your throat out” alternate head will look like. All in all, an irregular pick but certainly an interesting one.


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Bluto was inevitable. With the massive success of Mezco’s Popeye figure and their MDX version, we all knew he was coming. Yet, a sliver of doubt remained. Would they give the Sailor Man a foe to contend with? Or would he simply stand alone as an amazing figure in his own right? Well, we now have the answer and he is a massive sight to behold. 

Bluto looks ripped directly from the old comic strips, but with the “realistic” take that Mezco gave his opposite number. I quite enjoy the head sculpt, particularly those big chompers and bushy beard. This is the type of figure you take one glance at and just know you’re going to have a blast playing with.

Popeye, on the other hand, isn’t quite so exciting. I don’t know that I need a third version of the character, but this will make a nice option for those who missed him the first two times around. At first I thought his outfit might be based on something specific, but I’m thinking its a nod to the 1980 Robin Williams film. The colors are definitely reversed, but I could see that being the inspiration. I’m guessing that this will be a two-pack boxset, but we’ll find out the details at some point I’m sure. 


Now this NO ONE saw coming. Mezco Toyz gaining the Conan license is a surprise in and of itself. Conan being ushered into the One: 12 Collective right out of the gate? Shocking, for sure.  However, the One: 12 Conan being a literal three-dimensional translation of legendary artist Frank Frazetta’s Conan the Adventurer painting? Well, color me awestruck. I mean, look at that figure and then the painting. It has truly come to life.

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The sculptors at Mezco have really outdone themselves here. Now, due to recreating the artwork so specifically, some sacrifices are obviously necessary. I would have liked some butterfly joints for added articulation, along with double-jointed elbows.  Maintaining the sculpt, though, seems to be the priority. The good news is that I’ve heard rumblings that Conan is using a new single-jointed elbow that offers increased range and bend, much like the bigger 1/6 scale figures do. Time will tell how that works out. In the end, it doesn’t matter because Conan has never looked better.


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Another Batman, another palette swap. Despite there already being a Batman: Sovereign Knight – Onyx Edition released earlier this year, Mezco seems intent on releasing… another one? This time he’s even blacker, and less glossy (which defeats the Onyx moniker, but okay…). I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it is Batman, so it will sell.


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Someone on Instagram allegedly snapped this shot on the Con floor. Could Thanos of Titan be making his One:12 Collective debut this year? All signs point to yes but we’ll wait and see. The display to the left of Thanos looks to be the rear of the Morbius diorama, so there is some credence to the possibility. I”ll just sit here and pray to the Toy Gods until it becomes a reality.  Pleasepleasepleaseplease


In a last minute twist, Mezco Toyz recently dropped a teaser for a new Spider-Man figure based on his new film, Far From Home. The Pre-order goes live tomorrow on 7/19 at 12pm EST. It’s described as a “Summer Exclusive” Deluxe Edition. I’d bet that the actual physical figure will show up on the Con floor sometime tomorrow as well.  

You can try to grab him here:

Most of the figures are slated to appear in Summer of 2020, so the wait will be painful, as usual. Until then, we can at least look forward to more photos and four more days of SDCC to soothe our souls. Here’s hoping for more surprises from Mezco! 

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