Hot Toys gets two for the price of one with Venompool!

Not since peanut butter and jelly have two tastes tasted so great together!

Hot Toys seems to be continuing a trend with their Marvel Mobile Video Game license: they have once again chosen a completely unlikely candidate and said candidate is yet another wacky combination of two uber popular characters. Last time we were tossed for a loop by the War Machine Punisher, and this time we’re getting a Venompool (Marvel: Contest of Champions) Sixth Scale Figure that’s enormous in size.

The Venom symbiote, here possessing everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson, measures in at a whopping 36.5 cm and is on a completely new body designed especially for the character. 

(I would be amazed if this wasn’t a precursor to getting a more traditional Venom figure on this body in the future, but I digress.) 

Most of his accessories are Deadpool-related like the pistols and katanas, but you do get two posable Venom tendrils and interchangeable long tongues for extra “I’ll eat your brains!”-ness.  

Additionally, there will be a Special Edition that will come with a bonus grinning head sculpt, which looks pretty great.

The Hot Toys VGM 35 Marvel Contest of Champions Venompool will be released at the end of 2020.

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【Marvel Contest of Champions – 1/6th scale Venompool Collectible Figure】

As one of the most popular and bizarre elements of the Marvel Universe, the Venom symbiote can possess people and give them powers in the process. This alien entity can shift from host to host and has managed to become entangled with characters! So what if Venom symbiote possessed Deadpool? Today, Hot Toys is very excited to bring to you the brand new 1/6th scale collectible figure that captures the wildly popular character – Venompool from an impressive lineup of Marvel Contest of Champions!

Expertly crafted based on the unique appearance of Venompool in the game, the collectible figure standing approximately 36.5cm tall features a newly developed head sculpt with 3 pairs of interchangeable eye pieces and 2 interchangeable long tongues to create numerous combinations of character’s expressions, a skillfully tailored red and black suit capturing numerous fine details, signature weapons including a pair of katanas and a pistol, last but not least, a variety of interchangeable hands available for different gestures!

Furthermore, a Special Edition available in selected markets will include as additional grinning head sculpt as bonus item exclusively for collectors. 

It is time to recruit this insanely cool Venompool to your unconventional collection!

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