Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Gomez: Agent Edition (w/ Comic) Review

When Mezco first hinted that they would be giving their mascot the One:12 Collective treatment, most fans and collectors balked. In this community, everyone has an opinion of what character should be released next. Giving people something they didn’t even ask for is a definite fast track to lots and lots of Internet griping. However, when the first Agent Gomez was released during Toy Fair, many saw the error of their ways. Gomez was a fantastic figure, and, most importantly, a lot of fun. This past week has seen the re-release of everyone’s favorite dapper cockroach, this time with even more goodies. Let’s take a look.

First thing you’ll notice before even opening the box is that Gomez gets taller packaging than the average One: 12 exclusive release, but is narrower than the average retail release. This is due to the included bonus comic book inside, which we’ll get to later. The new shape gives the front and back packaging artwork a nice presentation, while also making this release feel just that much more special. As usual for this line, everything is collector conscious and can be easily put back and boxed up.

Agent Gomez is the perfect blend of chic and oddball. A dude in a smart-looking black suit with Not-Chuck Taylors on and a freaking bug head?! That’s the price of admission right there for me. Mezco really pulls it off by making sure his outfit is excellent. The tailoring is well done, though I did find a few stray threads here and there. The fit of the slacks and jacket allow for a great range of motion and don’t limit the figure’s articulation terribly much. The dress shirt is held in place by a thin strip of elastic thread running under his crotch from the front to the back, and this helps keep him looking neat when posing. Finally, a black pleather trench coat is included in the box, as well, complete with a wired belt. It’s not as heavy-duty feeling as the one that came with the PX Punisher, but Gomez is a more slender figure so it works out fine.

Gomez comes with four alternate heads, and the sculpt and paint on each is exceptional. The three insect heads all feel unique and at least two of them never fail to creep me out while handling them. I’m not a bug guy, so sue me! The primary head he wears in all of his promotional material is slightly cartoonier than the others, has large, glassy eyes and poseable antennae. It’s my favorite of the bunch. That is not to downplay how great the other two heads came out, however. If your taste leans towards a more realistic look to your bugs, they’ll make you very happy.  All swap on and off easily.

As mentioned, there is a fourth head, and in my opinion, it’s the real sleeper here. It’s a simple, black human skull, slightly oversized so that it gives the appearance of a mask being worn over a normal human head. The simplicity shines here. Something about this one gives me a real anarchic, punk feel and I dig it. 

The articulation is truly the best Mezco can offer, which makes the fact that they so often continue to use the old, limited Star Trek/Joker body extremely frustrating. Gomez is on a variation of the Spider-Man PX body from what I can tell, which is perfect. It offers the slimmer build that works well for suited characters but still offers full range of motion. Double-jointed elbows and knees, bicep swivel, ab crunch… It’s all there. The ankle pivot could be better but that’s due to the sculpt of the high top sneakers. Those look so good, I’m willing to make the sacrifice. 

And now, the true star of the show here, the accessories. I love when an action figure is loaded with accessories and Gomez does not disappoint. He comes with so many, that I’m just going to take a photo of the back of the box, which organizes them all in one image so much better than I ever could.

I’ll wait while you take it all in. By the way, the hoverboard is magnetic and will attach itself to the bottom of Gomez’s shoes. You have to be pretty specific about placement, but overall the magnetic feature works well. 

In addition to the great accessories pictured, he comes with even more that they apparently couldn’t fit on the box. The aforementioned overcoat, a wristwatch reading: “1:12”, a bonus sticker sheet and sticker, a wired red scarf, a kickass backpack that can be used to store the hoverboard and lots more, and, last but not least, an exclusive comic book written by Steve Niles and penciled by Michael Oppenheimer. The comic is popcorn-y fun and a welcome add-in, though it’s a “silent” issue so don’t expect a dense read.

All in all, the Gomez Agent Edition action figure from Mezco Toyz is a real winner and the best they’ve put out this year. There are so many accessories you’ll never get around to using them all, an exceptional articulation scheme, a kooky concept that just stands out in your collection, and a comic book that is the perfect length for a quick trip to the toilet. What else could you ask for in an action figure?

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