Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Gomez: Street Edition Review

Photo: Calvin Le

Overcoming most One: 12 fans’ doubts about the Gomez figure with the initial “Agent Edition” release, Mezco Toyz decided to double-down on the character fairly quickly with this “Street Edition” entry. Released as a San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive, Street Gomez takes everything lovers of the initial iteration enjoyed and gives it a more casual, funky flavor. Let’s take a look.

The packaging here isn’t as visually interesting as the second release of the Agent Edition that came with a comic book, unfortunately. It’s actually the exact same black box as the Toy Fair version, just with a sticker that says “Street Edition”, instead of “Agent Edition”, and a gold “Mezco Exclusive” sticker. 

Just like Agent Gomez, Street Gomez comes with four alternate heads, and they’re all identical in sculpt to that earlier version. I covered the sculpts in that review, but the paintwork here is very different and lots of fun. Instead of basic brown with black eyes for the insect heads, we have a variety of colors here and they all make the figure feel unique. From bright green with yellow translucent eyes to brown with pink metallic eyes, these truly pop. 

My favorite of the three has to be the “Ziggy Stardust”-inspired option, which is just so unexpected and random that I couldn’t help but smile when I first saw it. 

Photo: Calvin Le

Finally, the fourth head is the large skull again, but instead of basic black, we get hot pink.

Photo: Calvin LePhoto: Calvin Le

My only complaint about the new insect heads is that the green and Ziggy heads clash with the neck, which remains brown. However, I suspect that is why the red scarf was included here, and it does help camouflage that small nitpick.

Photo: Calvin Le

Gomez has traded the smart black suit in this time around, instead rocking some designer jeans, a black and white striped crewneck shirt, and his iconic Mezco-branded Not-Chuck-Taylors. The tailoring on his jeans and shirt are exceptional here. His jeans both look well fitted and offer plenty of range of motion, which can be difficult to achieve. I appreciate that they also gave him a belt. I’m picky about that sort of thing. 

Also part of the wardrobe, Gomez comes with two jacket options, a black windbreaker and an olive green Army-style jacket. H&M apparently calls these cargo jackets, while Old Navy refers to them as military jackets, but I’ll just go with Army-style jacket. Both even have working zippers. As usual in this scale, the zippers are slightly oversized but you’ll hardly notice after a while. The windbreaker has a faux drawstring, which adds to the look, though it doesn’t work. I found some loose threads on the Army-style jacket, but otherwise, both options were crafted nicely.

This is the exact same Gomez figure under the clothing, so there are no surprises in respect to articulation. Once again, you can read about it in my previous review, but I’ll just reiterate that he has a wonderful range of movement and is tons of fun to pose around. 

Accessories are the name of the game with Gomez, and he doesn’t disappoint yet again. Although he comes with plenty of the same items as he did with the “Comic book Agent” re-release, Mezco has given them a deco change so there is at least some variety on the shelf. We’ve already covered the head sculpts, and Gomez’s Boom Box, sniper riffle, sword, wristwatch, and Doom Cocktail Grenades all get a repaint. Also getting the re-deco is his Cosmic Peashooter Blaster, which gets a very American motif that even extends to the FX gun blasts! It’s difficult to not sense some satire in this choice, and I for one love it. 

At the end of the day, if you loved the first two releases of Gomez, you’ll probably love this Street Edition. If you hate even the idea of Gomez and wish you could just get another damn Batman already, then you’re going to want to skip this. Mezco’s mascot is an acquired taste, but I find him to be worth it. The figure is loads of fun to play with, has enough different to warrant a second version, and offers plenty of customizing fodder if you’re into that. I’d recommend him if you are looking at making your next purchase in the Mezco One:12 Collective line! 

Photo: Calvin Le

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