Four Entries of the Mezco One:12 Collective Line That Aren’t Action Figures

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line is known for its high-end action figures. From their inaugural entry, the Dark Knight Returns Batman, up until some of their most recent releases such as Diabolik or Blade, the One:12 brand has equaled figures done with an eye toward the discerning collector that wants a step up from mass-market figures like Marvel Legends or DC Collectibles. While figures are what make up most of the line, Mezco has occasionally released other collectibles like vehicles or diorama pieces. Let’s take a look back at some of these unique entries in the One:12 history, and maybe even look forward at what may still be coming.


Still a nascent brand in the 1/12 scale action figure world, Mezco’s One:12 Collective premiered at a pre-Toy Fair event in 2015. In addition to what would become the first three entries in said brand, DKR Batman, DKR Mutant Leader and Judge Dredd, the Lawmaster Motorcycle was shown off. Dredd’s mode of transportation of choice, the Lawmaster is a futuristic, armored motorcycle that has limited artificial intelligence that allows it to work on its own and comes equipped with plenty of badass weapons. 

Mezco, along with (according to their release info) artist Ben Whilsher, designed a beast of a vehicle that complimented their Dredd figure perfectly. Take a look at the full feature list:

The One:12 Collective Lawmaster features:
– 3 separate FX activated twin front guns with lights and sounds (cannon, machine gun and grenade launcher)
– 2 FX activated motor sounds (start up/rev and motor wind out/gear change)
– Backlit Synitron GK13 onboard computer display
– 4 real working headlights
– 3 real working taillights
– 1 real working spot-light
– Real rubber-slick “bulletproof” tires
– Handcuff storage pod
– Free-rolling wheels
– Turning handle bars

That is a heck of a lot of features and all for a pretty reasonable price of $125. 

The original retail release of the Lawmaster came primarily in black, while the Previews Exclusive came in blue and also included a complimentary colored Judge Dredd figure for $260. A black and white version of the two-pack was also released for the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, followed by a two-pack in a dark blue deco for the New York Comic-Con that same year. 


It’s hard to imagine that back in 2016, a SDCC exclusive box set that included two One:12 Collective action figures and an amazing, hefty diorama base only cost $150. My dismay at the rising price of figures aside, the polyresin Junkyard Diorama included in this set was so good. While you couldn’t buy it separately, it very well would have warranted its own purchase. Based off of the battle between Batman and the Mutant Leader in the Dark Knight Returns comic series, this diorama is expertly sculpted and painted.

Photo credit: Michael Crawford

While it might look monochromatic upon first glance, a great mix of browns, blacks and gloss really sell the muddy, oily appearance, and the size is just right to give the two figures plenty of room to face off. A sleeper piece in the box set and line overall, but a worthy inclusion.


Continuing the One:12 line’s excellent diorama pieces, we have the Doorway Environment designed for their Universal Monsters’ Frankenstein Monster figure. Designed, as the Junkyard base was, to recreate a key moment from the source material, this Doorway allowed collectors to pose the Monster in the doorway, which led to the laboratory in the film. Mezco used polystone to give the stonewall an accurate appearance, and the functional “wooden” door added to the overall effect. In addition to the doorway set, a trunk and cardstock background was included. The black and white coloring served to homage the original film’s roots. 

Released as a Mezco Direct Exclusive, the Doorway was sold both as a standalone item and as part of a set with the Frankenstein’s Monster figure. Released in the beginning of 2017, the standalone Doorway retailed for $105, while the set cost $160.


The most recent release on this list, the Bat-Signal was part of a set that also included a Commissioner Gordon action figure. Released just this past summer as part of the 2019 SDCC exclusives, the Bat-Signal is a working spotlight that was first revealed on Batman day 2018. 

Photo Credit: D_Amazing

 Despite not weighing much, the Bat-Signal is covered in detail and solid paintwork, giving it the appearance of a more high-end collectible. The illuminated signal is bright and crisp, and the best part is that the Signal has a working on/off lever that the Gordon figure itself can hold. A cardboard backdrop is also included to give the appearance of a rooftop. The Gordon/Bat-Signal set originally sold for $125. 

What Could Have Been…

An interesting addendum to this list is that these weren’t going to be all there was. Two additional One:12 Collective non-figure releases were originally revealed and shown off at shows, but never made it to production.  

A Star Trek Captain’s Chair was shown off repeatedly at different conventions, presumably to be paired with a variant Captain Kirk release. It would have had sound and light features. Alas, Mezco Toyz lost the Star Trek license (though some people believe they let it languish), effectively killing any chance of the chair seeing the light of day.

Another victim of cancellation, a Batmobile based on the one seem in the film Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was shown off at Toy Fair 2016. Also planned to include lights and sounds, the Batmobile eventually disappeared from shows until a Mezco representative explained that it wouldn’t be cost effective, so it was scrapped in its current state. That said, another Batmobile was teased on Batman Day 2018 in a YouTube video posted by Mezco.

No further information has been released since, so here’s hoping it will be a fifth solid entry in Mezco’s non-figure One: 12 Collective releases and not another unfortunate missed opportunity.

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