Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Commissioner Gordon and Bat-Signal Review

There are some supporting characters that can become so ingrained in a franchise that it can be difficult imagining said franchise without them. James Gordon definitely fits that bill, whether as Commissioner, detective or captain. The face of the Gotham City Police Department in the Batman mythos, Gordon finally gets the One:12 Collective treatment, ahead even of other, more obvious choices like Robin or Batgirl. Released as one of three San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusives, Gordon is packed in with another important icon from the Batman world, the Bat-Signal. Let’s take a look at both collectibles and find out if Mezco delivered.

Mezco’s take on Gordon is, to be fair, pretty safe. Unlike some of their other releases such as the recent Sovereign Knight Batmen or Popeye, this take on the Commissioner is pretty accurate to the comic books he first appeared in and doesn’t have any “Mezco flair” added. It’s not hard to imagine why, since there isn’t much to add to a guy in a shirt, tie and slacks. That basic outfit is done sufficiently, with the drab gray and green combination really selling the character’s blue-collar vibe. Gordon doesn’t have time for designer clothing; he’s got crimes to solve. 

The smaller touches like his solid black necktie, belt and shoes complete the “nothing-fancy” tone, and I appreciate that they even gave him black socks. At least he’s not one of those anarchists that wear white tube socks with dress shoes! My Gordon had a small spot on his tie, which didn’t bother me much but it should be noted. I’d also have liked if his necktie were loosened a bit, giving him a more harried look, but I didn’t design the thing so I’ll quit my backseat driving.

Completing the overall outfit is the trench overcoat and it’s definitely a favorite of mine. I was never a fan of the pleather overcoats given to figures like Old Man Logan, so this is a nice change of pace. The faux buttons and pockets work fine here, and the poseable belt is always appreciated.  My coat had many stray threads, so beware. 

A welcome surprise here is the two alternate heads included, when Mezco really could have gotten away with just one. Instead, they gifted us with a younger and older version of the Commissioner. Now you can have two different, age-appropriate Gordons displayed with your younger Ascending Knight Batman and your older Sovereign Knight Batman. Cool!

While I fully expected them to just paint the hair different colors, their sculptors actually added plenty of wrinkles and detail to older Gordon’s face and neck, while also thinning out older Gordon’s hair considerably. That coupled with the paintwork on Grandpa Gordon’s graying hair, pushes this head sculpt over the other for me. Younger Gordon’s brown hair could really use a wash of some sort to bring out the details, and his mustache is a little light on brown paint where it meets his lip. 

The accessories included are top-notch, though they may seem a little light to some. Gordon’s badge came out great, and the paint has generally clean lines on mine. His handgun and holster are also solid work, with his handgun having a chamber you can pull back. Both the holster and the badge are able to peg into his belt and they fit there securely. Additionally, you get a Gun Blast FX piece that we’ve seen many times before, a wristwatch that you’re definitely going to lose, and a walkie-talkie that can magnetically attach to his chest. He also comes with six interchangeable hands and the expected Mezco stand. 

The final accessory that doubles as part of his outfit is the GCPD tactical vest, which I had a damn frustrating time attempting to zip up when actually on the figure. I eventually just gave up, because life is too short. None of the pouches are functional, by the way.

Phew! That was a lot of stuff to cover, but there’s more! Also included in this box set is Gordon’s primary tool for getting Batman over to his office, the Bat-Signal.

I honestly love it. Initially, I felt it was a tad undersized but the scale has grown on me. While the signal is quite light and feels a little cheap as a result, that feeling will quickly evaporate as you study all of the detail Mezco gave this thing.

The paintwork and sculpt of the signal definitely give the appearance of a more expensive piece. The up/down and side-to-side swivel is smooth, and the actual illuminated signal itself is bright, clear and crisp, working just how you imagined it would.

The cherry on top is the working lever that allows Gordon himself to turn the signal on if you position him correctly. So good!

Because Mezco Toyz apparently found more room in the box, they even included some foldout cardboard backdrop pieces to display Gordon and the Bat-Signal on, giving the appearance of a nighttime rooftop. Nothing fancy, but a nice touch nonetheless.

Now, as much as I enjoyed this release, I had a couple of gripes. I absolutely can’t stand the eyeglasses on the heads. They have no frames, no paintwork, and just look cheap. Also, let’s please retire the Joker/Star Trek body that Gordon is on. Single jointed elbows, no bicep swivel, very little ab crunch? Why, in the age of Gomez’s amazing range of motion, are we still using this limited base body? It’s baffling.

Those two complaints aside, Gordon and his Bat-Signal were worth the price of admission. They’ll spruce up your Batman display, add a welcome supporting player to the One:12 line, and gives you an iconic diorama piece you can show off to your friends. 

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