8 Marvel Video Game Characters that Hot Toys Needs to Make

Marvel Comics fans like me had a very difficult time containing our excitement when Hot Toys revealed that they had obtained the license to Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man title for the Playstation 4. Not only were we going to get a Video Game Masterpiece figure of the Advanced Suit that was designed for the game, but we would also possibly get figures of every alternate skin that was available to Spider-Man. This was amazing all on its own, but then months later, we learned that we would also be getting characters from the hit Marvel mobile games, Netmarble’s Future Fight and Kabam’s Contest of Champions. Cue my head exploding.

While not every Hot Toys collector was excited about the character choices made, I enjoyed the wacky options that they have initially gone with. Whether due to some licensing limitation or just Howard Chan’s oddball taste in variants, you’d be hard-pressed to take a look at the Punisher in the War Machine armor or Deadpool wearing the Venom symbiote and not let a smile crack that humorless face of yours.

In anticipation of more Marvel releases in the VGM series, I decided to take a guess as to what characters we might see next from both games. Taking my lead from what we’ve seen solicited so far, I leaned toward the weirder, less iconic picks. While (almost) none of the characters below will scratch the itch of pure comic fans, they’d certainly be a load of fun and I hope Hot Toys makes any one of them a reality.

“War Journal” Punisher [Future Fight]

Why not compliment your previous Punisher release with… another Punisher release? This time we have Punisher trading in his faux War Machine outfit for a Captain America one. Frank Castle sure does like dressing up as other heroes! This look is taken directly from the Punisher War Journal comics (hence the name), during the era post-Civil War when Steve Rogers had been assassinated and there was no Captain America. Frank figured he was up to the task and did his misguided best to carry on the legacy. I don’t love this look, as it comes off as a little goofy. Hot Toys does have a way of making even the silliest stuff look impressive in hand, though, so I’m game for a more patriotic turn for Mr. Castle.

Superior Iron Man [Contest of Champions]

Hot Toys LOVES Iron Man. We are all well aware of this fact. I say, let’s allow them to give us more of him. The Superior armor is a comic-based suit that looks like, to be honest, what Apple would come up with if they designed the character. That might sound like a backhanded compliment but I truly think it works. The predominantly white color scheme with the neon blue accents is so far removed from what we think of when we imagine ol’ Shellhead that it stands out from the pack and would steal the spotlight in a Hall of Armor display. 

Arachknight [Future Fight]

“Silly” was the first thought that came to mind when I saw this character, honestly. However, I have to admit that, after some time admiring and studying the design, the look has really grown on me. Both the Moon Knight and the Spider-Man motifs are distinct here, but they also compliment each other in a surprisingly balanced way. The white and gray with the red accents blend nicely, each bringing out the other in a subtle way. I imagine a sixth scale figure of this costume would really pop on the shelf, while also being an incredible conversation starter for anyone unfamiliar with the game.

Unworthy Thor [Future Fight]

A Thor that found himself no longer worthy of Mjolnir, and so not sure of his place in the world, was one of my favorite bits from both Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers comic run and Jason Aaron’s Thor run. Self-doubt and uncertainty are aspects we don’t get to normally see in the God of Thunder, so I would love to have this guy on the shelf. There is enough here stylistically that differentiates him from the more classic looking threads, but still harkens back to them. The bionic arm and the battle-axe are clear signposts that this isn’t your normal Thor, making this a great addition.

Punisher 2099 [Contest of Champions]

As we’ve already established, giving the fans more Punisher is an easy win for the profit margin. Since we already have a couple of alternate takes on modern Punisher checked off, why not throw in a skull-loving sociopath from the future this time? Jake Gallows, the Punisher of eighty years from now, had a pretty forgettable outfit in the comics. The mobile game redesign, however, tweaks his appearance just enough that I instantly wanted to see a three dimensional representation of him. Forming his chest skull emblem out of pistols and knives is an inspired choice, for sure, but it’s his face paint that seals the deal. Instead of painting on the skull, he paints on the black negative space, creating the skull shape from what skin is left showing. It’s a subtle subversion of what is usually done, and I need a sixth scale figure to admire it that much better.

Superior Spider-Man [Future Fight]

This isn’t technically out-of-the-box, I know. This costume, though, is NOT included in the PS4 Spider-Man game license that Hot Toys has, which makes me despondent and so I must offer this alternate possibility of seeing a figure based on it.  Straight out of one of the best Spider-Man comic storylines in the last ten years, this Spider-Man is actually the mind of Doctor Octopus in control of Peter Parker’s body. Even if the story wasn’t excellent, the costume is, with its harder-edged take on the classic Spidey hallmarks. This needs to be in my Hot Toys Spider-collection yesterday.

Maestro [Future Fight]

Get into a discussion about different versions of the Hulk character, and it will surely be a while before you get to his evil future self, the Maestro. That’s why he’s exactly the variation I could see Hot Toys making from the Future Fight game. As recognizable as the gray and classic green varieties are, the Maestro is above all memorable once you actually get a good look at him. The bling around his neck combined with the purple vest and the big, burly gray beard practically force you to ask questions about what the heck happened to this Hulk. He’s so removed from what you might assume an old Hulk would look like, and that can be the recipe for a unique figure. 

Venom [Contest of Champions]

This is another choice that does not meet the stated requirements of our article, I know. But come on! Looking at the awesome base body of Hot Toys’ incoming Venompool figure, they clearly need to repaint and resculpt that bad boy and give us a vanilla Venom. Unless there are some licensing issues I’m not aware of, this seems incredibly likely and downright essential. Come on, Hot Toys!

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