Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Netflix Punisher Review

Frank Castle is the latest release from Mezco Toyz adaptations of the popular Marvel Netflix universe characters. Inspired by his appearance in season 2 of Daredevil, this figure is a more grounded take on the Punisher. While the figure itself looks great, it’s value is weakened by limited accessories and difficult posing. The Punisher’s own Netflix solo series may not be the best representation of the character from the comics, but Jon Bernthal’s performance definitely makes it hard to see anyone else in the role. Despite its shortcomings, this release is one to keep an eye out for.

DESIGN 10/10

This version of the Punisher sports the signature black trench coat and the skull embellished kevlar vest. Underneath the coat and vest is a long sleeve black shirt and black cargo pants. Overall, the outfit is really well tailored for the particular body used. The trench coat fits well even around the vest, and the vest can be removed for a sleek all black look. Two head-sculpts are included; one with with a standard Punisher scowl, and the other being more beat up.The beat up head-sculpt is definitely the weaker of the two, and I think a more angry, screaming portrait would have been a better fit. In the end, no matter how you have this figure set up, it’s guaranteed to look cool. 


There has been a trend recently with Mezco Toyz and the use of the “Spock” buck in it’s more realistic figures such as this one. The important points to know about it are the single-jointed elbows, limited shoulder and torso mobility, and the one-piece head and neck. As far as proportions go, Jon Bernthal is a pretty thin guy, so this buck actually works well. The problems stem from trying to get decent weapon holding poses. While you can get the figure to hold a pistol or rifle with both hands, the lack of shoulder movement can make it look awkward. With a character so heavily focused on guns, this is definitely a drawback to the figure. This may not be a big issue to some people, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. 


For a character like this, the lack of weapons or other accessories is a little disappointing. Out of the box you get a couple handguns, a knife, minigun, and two firing effects.

The first handgun is modeled after an M1911, with a removable magazine and a slide that can be pulled back. The second is a revolver modeled after an S&W Model 327, and the cylinder can be rotated. The M1911 and the knife can be fitted into holsters on the vest as well.

The minigun is okay, but I wish a rifle or shotgun was included instead. In general, some more guns and accessories, like hand grenades or ammo boxes, would have this figure more bang for its buck. 


As far as Mezco’s Netflix releases in the One:12 Collective line go, I’d say the Punisher is the best yet. The likeness and accuracy of the costume are definitely the highlights here. The accessories aren’t the greatest, and the articulation is rough but manageable. There is a lot of kitbashing potential though, if that’s your thing. Even though the Punisher series didn’t get the send off it deserved, I’m glad Mezco Toyz committed to releasing this guy. The price of $80 is a little difficult to justify given the accessories and articulation conundrum but I think this is a very cool figure to have in the collection.

You can snag your Punisher One:12 Collective figure right here @ Toy Origin if you are looking to add this figure to your collection!

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