5 Sixth Scale Figures Hot Toys Really Should Reissue

Collecting high-end action figures can be unforgiving. Oftentimes, when you have a chance to grab a release, that opportunity truly is singular. In the world of limited-edition collectibles, there aren’t many second shots or do-overs. This can be frustrating at times. As time goes by, production techniques evolve, becoming more sophisticated, allowing companies like Hot Toys to make better and better looking figures. Looking back at an older release can be disappointing, either because you can only imagine how improved it would look today or because you just can’t afford a rare figure that you missed when it first dropped.  

Here are five sixth scale figures that many collectors (or just me) would love to get a second-go at:

MMS1 The Terminator – Sgt. Tech.com Kyle Reese

With another Terminator film slated to hit theaters this year, now is a good time to look back at the very first entry in Hot Toys long-standing Movie Masterpiece Series. Considering when this figure was produced, Reese doesn’t look bad at all. His outfit, paintwork and sculpt are all perfectly serviceable. That’s just not going to do it for me in this day and age, however. Hot Toys’ sculptwork has grown immensely since 2005, and I would love to see what the current artists could do with Michael Biehn’s likeness. As an alternate option, I would even accept a figure of Kyle Reese’s 1984 outfit, complete with duster coat and shotgun, which is just as iconic. Just give us some new Biehn, is what I’m saying.

MMS39 Aliens – Power Loader w/ Ellen Ripley

You could argue that the Power Loader still holds up, and I’d likely agree with you. The paintwork and sculpt on this large piece was expertly done back in 2007, so, while I’d gladly take a new one, I’m fine with the original. So what the heck are we talking about here? It’s all about Ripley, people.  From the hair color to the base body to the face sculpt; nearly everything involved here needs to be redone. Oddly enough, Hot Toys did show off a re-issue of sorts at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. One look a the 2.0 version and it’s apparent why we need it. Ripley looks as if she stepped off the movie screen. Unfortunately, it was never actually solicited. Here’s hoping Hot Toys will see the light and give us the Ripley we deserve (and a new Power Loader to boot).

MMS35 Rambo III – John J. Rambo

Honestly, I could have picked any Rambo figure that Hot Toys produced in the past for this list. Despite the likelihood of this happening I’d be happy with any Rambo getting an improved re-issue because what movie collectibles shrine is complete without an accurate likeness of Sylvester Stallone in his prime? My childhood memories insist that THIS Rambo get the nod, if any. He shoots arrows and Rambo III was on repeat whenever I turned HBO on back in the 1980’s so deal with it. The figure is clearly supposed to be Sylvester Stallone so for when it was released it was an excellent product but I would love to see how this could be pulled off in 2019/2020. I’m aware I sound like a broken record, but I want a Rambo who looks like I shrunk him down and am keeping him prisoner in my room. He also must shoot arrows, because this is obviously crucial. With the franchise still going strong in 2019 it’s clear that Rambo has no shortage of fans who would be chomping at the bit to pick this one up.

DX07 Star Wars – Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit)

At this point in the list, we’re really getting into the nitpickery, I admit. The original release of this version of Luke Skywalker was magnificent. A bonus battle-damaged figure, plenty of accessories and a Weathervane diorama? I mean, this thing is stacked! And while aftermarket prices can be silly at times, it’s not impossible to find him at a decent price point these days. Still, I just really want them to have another go at Luke’s head sculpt. Mark Hamill’s visage is notoriously difficult to capture accurately, and there is just something off about both heads included here. Looking at the 2018 Return of the Jedi Luke, I know Hot Toys can do better if they chose to revisit Bespin Luke. Our dreams may become a reality, too! At San Diego Comic Con 2019 collectors spotted what looks like an updated version of Luke with the same bespin outfit on display. Whether or not this updated version (looks like it included a new head sculpt, too) ends up escaping plastic purgatory and officially goes up for pre-order is another question altogether.

MMS427 D19 Spider-Man: Homecoming – Iron Man Mark XLVII (Mark 47)

NOTE: Iron Man Mark XLVII (Mark 47) Sixth Scale Figure (Re-Issue) is currently up for Pre-Order right here @ ToyOrigin.com for $359.99 USD! Beat secondary market prices of $2,000+ and secure yours today before it’s too late!

Unlike Skywalker above, the aftermarket has gone absolutely insane with secondary market prices for this figure. Released not very long ago in the beginning of 2018 with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, this iteration of the Iron Man armor cost $355 USD at retail when it was originally available. At the time it was one of the Iron Man Diecast armor releases that had “softer” sales than usual with fans claiming the look was too much of a departure from traditional Red & Gold Iron Man armor designs. Due to the lower than average sales for this release (compared to most diecast Iron Man Hot Toys releases) the number of units available in the secondary marketplace is a lot slimmer.

Taking a search for him on eBay today, you are likely to now see him selling for anywhere between $1,200 to over $2,000+ used and open box. That’s over a 300-400% price increase – a little insane; even compared to some of the other Hot Toys Iron Man armors. It’s a crazy price hike compared to the original MSRP but the demand is clearly there with countless successful sales on eBay and in collector groups. The only way to nip that demand in the bud is to increase the supply available, thus allowing newer Hot Toys collectors to grab this entry for a reasonable price. So while there really is not a solid reason for re-doing the Mark 47 beyond availability, I’m sure many Hot Toys and Iron Man fans would be ecstatic if they did so anyway. 

That begs the question though: should Hot Toys after the release & fulfillment of a figure ever re-issue it?

These are supposed to be limited collectibles, after all. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument that we will tackle in an article coming up so stay tuned for that! Let’s hear your opinions in the comments section and which figure(s) you want to see eligible for a re-issue or updated look!

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