10 Tips for Posing Hot Toys Figures to Enhance Your Display

The beauty of collecting Hot Toys figures is that as a collector you have the option to re-pose your figures and change your collectibles display on a routine basis if you wish. Collectors typically belong to one of two schools of thought here: there’s a group who keep their figures in “museum poses;” more stoic with the figure standing still & upright usually or “dynamic poses;” a more active and engaging display. A percentage of collectors swear by these museum style poses and typically say it’s for fear of damaging their figure or weakening the joints overtime. While this can be true if you put an excessive amount of stress on certain joints there are ways to avoid this and still achieve a more dynamic and exciting display with your 1/6 scale figures if you are careful. To help take the fear out of posing Hot Toys and other sixth scale figures we have put together a list of tips we think you should know before you work on taking your display to the next level..

1.) Consult the manual included with your Hot Toys figure

Hot Toys manuals will show you the maximum angle of your figures joints

Look, this might sound like a joke like the ol’ “Did you try resetting it?” but every Hot Toys release uses a different body type and each of them has a maximum angle that the joint(s) can rotate so it’s important to know this information ahead of posing time. Some sixth scale figure body types allow for more flexibility than others so don’t just assume your newest figure is as flexible as your last. 

2.) Consider the materials of the outfit/costume

Depending on what materials the outfit is made of will determine how flexible your figure is going to be. Some materials like vinyl (the Spider-Man Advanced Suit for example) are intentionally created to be more flexible so that more extreme poses are achievable without the risk of tears or creases in the suit. Some materials will have the ability to stretch while others will be rigid and tight. 

3.) Use the display space effectively

If you have a larger space available for display it gives you a lot more options for creativity and you should explore that. Maybe you could have two figures going toe-to-toe in combat. Or you could recreate an iconic scene from the source material that is special to you.  More space means more options for changing how your figures are displayed so have fun with it and try different things.

4.) Buy other 1:6 scale accessories to create a diorama

Captain America: Winter Soldier 1:6 scale diorama setup on display by Hot Toys at an exhibition

Adding 1:6 scale accessories or props to your display space can help more effectively develop a scene. Most Hot Toys come with a number of accessories out of the box to help achieve different looks. Additionally, you always have the option of expanding your horizons with pre-made or custom options available these days with affordable access to 3D printers for the general public and 3D printing services.

5.) Review the source material for pose inspiration

If you are fresh out of ideas on poses for your figures the best way to get inspired is to review the original source material. Tossing on a movie or picking up an old comic or graphic novel and just enjoying the experience all over again is where that zest for re-posing and changing your display is often born. Sounds like a win-win situation if you ask me. 

6.) Pose your Hot Toys figures on your own

A look at a dynamic display of Spider-Man in 2 different suit variations and Iron Man Mark 47. This dynamic display versus them sitting side-by-side looks MUCH better! Dynamic poses can elevate a display & tell a story.
(image courtesy of @BudgetStark – check him out on Instagram!)

Inspiration is necessary and watching a video on posing for ideas is a good thing but when it comes to the nitty gritty of locking down that perfect pose that’s something you should do with your own two hands. Asking for help or advice is recommended but getting a feel for the joints on your figure and their capabilities (and limitations) is an important part of maintaining your collection.

7.) Change your poses often to avoid prolonged joint pressure

It might sound like we are talking about a geriatric here but yes, your sixth scale figures joints overtime if left in extreme poses can become loose. While this is not a guarantee by any means it would still be wise to change your pose often to avoid pressure on any one area for excessive lengths of time. Maybe every few months you can make it a routine to change your display and it gives you a chance to dive into cleaning your figure collection, too.

8.) Do a little cheating and peek at some YouTube videos for help

You are in luck – there are some great content creators these days crafting expert videos on all things Hot Toys including How To Pose your figures and tips and tricks to make the process that much easier for you. Keep an eye out for videos from the Mint in Sealed Box network on YouTube and their correspondent Peter. He creates a video series called “Posing with Peter” that can teach you a lot about posing Hot Toys figures.

Posing with Peter- Iron Man Mark 50 (Mark L) – A great example of the tips you can pick-up reviewing some YouTube material.

9.) Patience is a virtue!

It’s important when posing your Hot Toys figures that you exercise caution to avoid the risk of damage or breaks and a big component in that process is patience. Sometimes when trying to achieve a certain pose you might become frustrated (heck, we all do) but it’s important to never lose your patience and try to rush or force anything. Impatience typically leads to poor decision making and that’s the last thing you want when you are handling a figure that costs upwards of several hundred dollars.

10.) Share your poses with the community & seek feedback, advice and pointers

Half the fun of embarking on the mission to pose your sixth scale figures versus just letting them sit in museum poses is sharing your dynamic, carefully crafted display with other Hot Toys collectors who are going to appreciate the time and effort you put in. Along the way you get to enjoy having a look at their displays (keep that inspiration coming) and most collectors will share feedback, advice, and tips & tricks that will help evolve your display overtime into something you can be proud of and want to show-off to the masses.

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