Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Sovereign Knight: Batman Previews Exclusive Review

There is no lack of Batman in Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective line. 

Many collectors would argue that there need never be another Batman figure released, even. I do not count myself as one of those collectors, but I do admit to being a tad burned out on the Caped Crusader train. I have owned nearly every iteration of the Dark Knight that Mezco has ever released since the first one back in 2015. I also already own the Onyx Edition of this Sovereign Knight Batman, so that was yet another point against me having any excitement going into this release. I mention all of this so that you understand the weight of what I’m about to say: This might be the best Batman in the One: 12 line. No one is more surprised than me, let me tell you.

The Sovereign Knight represents Mezco’s second chapter in the company’s own personal Batman “story”. While the previously released Ascending Knight saw the vigilante at his inception, this figure’s unique style lands squarely in the prime of his career as the Bat. 

Mezco Toyz addiction to adding vinyl paneling to their renditions of many superhero costumes that might appear plain otherwise can be a bit much at times, but that extra detail works here. Similar to the aforementioned Onyx Edition, the Previews Exclusive edition gives the outfit plenty of faux armored details, which sell the idea of combat-readiness without sacrificing the character’s necessary litheness. As a great side effect of the paneling, his kneepads don’t look chunky and awkward, unlike the regular release of Sovereign.

 The gauntlets and boots are nice, showing that this Batman has upgraded to a more heavy-duty costume. His belt, while probably my least favorite aspect of this appearance, blends in well with the overall look. 

The oval bat-symbol, another design touch that this version shares with the Onyx Edition, but not the regular release, ties it all together for me. The combination of the bat set against that bright yellow background with the deep blue that Mezco gave the character’s cape and cowl is Silver Age Batman heaven for an old school comic book fan like me. 

There are four head sculpts included with this Batman, which raises the “bang for your buck” quotient considerably. Along with short-eared and long-eared options, you can also choose from a battle-damaged long-eared head or an unmasked Bruce Wayne head. 

The paintwork and sculpting on all four is solid if not overly impressive, and I appreciate that they repainted the Wayne head to appear a little older than the one included in the Ascending Knight release. My favorite of the four is without a doubt the battle-damaged one.

Continuing in the accessories department, we get the standard extra hands designed for fisticuffs and holding things like batarangs and grappling guns (also included). Fans of Batman fighting Superman will love the kryptonite brass knuckles that come with an alternate right fist. 

As mentioned, there are batarangs aplenty, with ten small versions and one fancy-schmancy two-tone larger one you can have Batman use to show off at parties or wear as a necklace. He can also apply it to crime-fighting, I suppose, but that sort of bling should really be relegated to making a fashion statement.

A grappling gun with two interchangeable tips is, of course, included. What would Batman be without his trusty grapple hooks? He’d have to walk everywhere and that would be boring. One grapple has a long string attached, while the other can be inserted into the end of the gun.

Rounding out the accessories is the Sonic Disrupter and the Bat-Drone. Not only does Batman using drone technology make perfect sense, but also the idea of hundreds of bat-shaped drones buzzing around Gotham City at any given time is genius. Talk about pushing your brand! If I were a criminal, I’d crap myself at the sight of one of those things. I love it.

Articulation-wise, this figure hits all the appropriate checkpoints so I won’t go into to much detail. All of the necessary double-joints and cuts are here, so you’ll definitely be able to pose this Batman as you’d like. 

He has a good range of motion in the outfit, although there is some restriction. I doubt I’d move too great in that costume, either, so I won’t judge too harshly. The 2-piece boot works decently, though there could be a little more ankle pivot if we’re nitpicking.

Overall, this edition of the Sovereign Knight Batman is without a doubt my favorite. The color scheme, vinyl paneling, and oval Bat-symbol scratch all of my nostalgic itches while still coming together to give me something new. He comes loaded with cool accessories, four solid head sculpts, and a drone that looks like a robot bat. What else can I ask for?

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