Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Green Lantern John Stewart Review

When Mezco Toyz announced a Green Lantern would be joining the One:12 Collective line, I was slightly surprised that they went with John Stewart at the time. Hal Jordan was the more obvious choice, I thought. (They’d end up soliciting him as a Previews Exclusive release soon after John, anyway.) Then I remembered John’s starring role as the resident Green Lantern of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and it all clicked for me. For a recent generation of fans, John is their Green Lantern. He was just as obvious a choice as Hal; it just depends on when you became a fan. (I’m a Kyle Rayner guy, so I’m still waiting. Sigh…)

I’ll get this out of the way: Mezco truly knocked it out of the park and gave us one of the best, if not the best, Green Lantern action figures ever made. 

Starting from top down, let’s talk about the head sculpts. We’re given two alternate looks for John, which was an unnecessary but welcome touch by Mezco. I prefer the head with the clean-shaven face and close-cropped haircut. He looks a bit bored, but this is the more “classic” comic book look for John that I’m familiar with. 

The bald head with the goatee has a more focused look. His eyes are green here instead of brown like the alternate head, so I guess he’s really powered up? This is a great nod to his appearance in the aforementioned Justice League Unlimited cartoon, and all but confirms for me that there are fans of that iteration in the Mezco offices. 

The outfit seemed to be divisive among fans when originally shown off, but I like it. Some complained that it was unnecessarily busy with the lines running down it, but I am okay with it. It sort of makes me think of a power ring construct forming, which I think is cool. 

The Lantern symbol on his chest looks great, though it is oddly easy to pry off. Past figures had chest emblems that were almost impossible to move, so I was surprised. Just as surprising was an additional chest emblem included with the figure. 

Articulation for GL is solid and you’ll hear no complaints from me. He has a great range of motion. His outfit doesn’t hinder the use of his double-jointed elbows or knees. There is always some interference due to the cloth outfits for these figures, but nothing that lessens the fun factor. 

Green Lantern comes with some awesome accessories that make him feel pretty unique. Right off the bat is the Power Battery. Just wow. Mezco added some flourishes to the Battery’s design that break up its usual solid appearance. This also allows for the LED light inside to really shine through, giving the battery a great illuminated look.

The light-up function of the Power Battery actually brings us to the many interchangeable hands included. You’re given your standard pair of fists, grappling hands, high-five hands, and one left-handed gripping hand. The alternate right hand of that last pair is actually not sculpted to hold anything, but instead is a fisted hand with green “smoke” coming off of the ring, as if John has just blasted someone with it. 

The right hand of every pair comes wearing a Power Ring, the source of Green Lantern’s ability to create constructs out of green energy. The tiny ring sculpts are great, though you’ll need a magnifying glass to admire them. The right, ringed fist also comes with a hidden magnet inside, which when held against the Power Battery activates the LED inside. A very nice touch that gives this release that much more of a fun factor. 

Rounding out the accessories are, unsurprisingly, three more ringed hands. You get one with a star construct, an energy shield in mid-formation, and an energy blast. There’s also a fourth, which instead of a full-sculpted hand, is a sort of energy ball that pegs onto the wrist in place of a hand. Each of the effects is casted in flexible translucent plastic with a green tint to them. 

Throughout, the One:12 Collective Green Lantern John Stewart figure has thoroughly impressed me. Despite my not being a huge John fan from the comics, I’ve found myself wanting to dig in more to his stories just because I’m having so much fun playing around with the figure. While I would have appreciated some ring constructs exclusive to John and more representative of his personality as a detail-oriented architect, I understand the costs of production could prohibit that. If you were on the fence about this figure, I’d say you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you grab him. Green Lantern is definitely one of their best figures this year.

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