Toys Era The Parasitic 1:6 Scale Diorama Statue Review

Most readers might not know this as of yet (it will become painfully obvious, I’m sure), but I am a huge Spider-Man fan. If something has to do with the ol’ Webhead, the odds of me buying said thing rises about 1000%. That said, I was not a fan of the 2018 Venom film. Look, Tom Hardy is a fine actor and I’m sure everyone tried their best, but it didn’t tickle me the way it obviously did others who watched it. So, I had no interest in grabbing the full “Luxury Edition” release of The Parasitic when Toys Era announced it. My shelf space is limited, and a sixth scale Eddie Brock that I didn’t absolutely love just doesn’t make the cut.  But finding out you could grab the Symbiote diorama base statue alone? That changed everything.

The decision to offer this piece separately is a smart one, I think. Many collectors like me may not have any interest in the Venom movie, but the Symbiote statue could be from any version of Venom, like the comics or cartoons or even video games. I will say, however, that the price difference between the statue alone and the statue as part of the “Luxury Edition” set is pretty negligible.  So if you have any interest, you may as well-spring for the full set.

Standing at 14.5” tall and weighing in at just under 4 pounds, the Symbiote is massive. I thought I knew what to expect from the promotional photos, but they truly don’t prepare you for the sheer scale of this thing. 

The sculpting is the real standout here, and it is quite impressive. The head sculpt alone is a winner. 

The malevolence of the alien is obvious with one glance at that wicked grin. The pin teeth look amazing, and you can even follow its inhuman grin as it continues up nearly passed the eyes. I especially enjoy that the “skin” still continues to flow down around its chin and jaw, tying it together nicely with the “body”. 

Despite that “body” basically being a standard statue, there is a sense of movement that the sculpt conveys convincingly. I can almost see the black sludge that makes up the Symbiote slithering and flowing over itself, which I cannot imagine was an easy illusion to accomplish. 

Extra points to Toys Era for adding three additional mini-head sculpts at various points of the statue.  It’s a nice touch that gives the piece a little additional visual appeal, while also pushing forward that this whole thing is disturbingly alive. The creep factor definitely benefits from little touches like that.

While I could continue about how impressed I am with the sculpt, I should mention that it isn’t perfect. There are several “seams” evident where separate sections of the statue were pieced together, the most evident being right above the beginning of the base. If you’re not looking too closely, you would probably miss them, but it is difficult to un-see them once you do. 

The paintwork is solid, though it’s mainly the one solid color. The glossy black does what it needs to, and it’s applied well. The teeth on the heads are a dirty off-white, and the dark pink of the gums is pretty cleanly applied. The big white eyes of the main head aren’t perfect, but they’ll do fine. 

Articulation-wise, there isn’t much to talk about. The head rests on a ball joint, which unfortunately doesn’t allow for much movement. It is possible to rotate the head left and right, but I don’t know that I would call it “turning”. You can get it to look down quite a lot, but there is almost no upward movement. This is disappointing, because often you’ll find yourself this close to posing the Symbiote giving the stink-eye to another figure, but it ends up just awkwardly glaring at that figure’s abs. 

I was also under the impression that two larger tendrils in the front would be somewhat flexible and pose-able, allowing for some manipulation. That is sadly not the case, and I really do believe there would have been some benefit to having had them made from a softer material. The statue is sculpted to accommodate a figure (Eddie Brock, obviously) and this would have been a nice touch to add to that and give us some more display options.  

Overall, I like The Parasitic Statue Base Diorama, even without the optional Eddie Brock figure. As I said before, it works alone just as a Venom Symbiote statue or as a (extremely large) diorama piece for any of your Hot Toys Spider-Man figures. Heck, with some imagination, you can even have this guy work with your 6″ figures. There are nits to be picked, certainly, but once you have this guy posed on the shelf, they’ll fade into the background. The Parasitic is impressive looking and adds some variety to your sixth scale figure collection. I’d recommend picking it up if you can find it in stock before the aftermarket prices get out of control. Almost every recent release from Toys Era has seen an increase on the secondary market so getting a pre-order in early never hurts.

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