5 X-Men 1/6 Scale Figures Toys Era Should Make Next

There’s nothing sadder than a market that is begging to be tapped, but somehow goes ignored. Despite Hot Toys gaining the license to the Fox X-Men franchise of films years ago, they only managed to make seven Sixth Scale figures based off of them. Of those seven figures, four of them are Wolverine and three are Deadpool. That is all. A franchise filled with over forty characters ripe for the making, and we get two of them. Over and over and over. Sigh.

It’s no surprise, then, that third party company Toys Era has been quite so successful capitalizing on the bigger companies’ disinterest. Collectors want their X-Men and they want to give it to them. Other companies have tried to make figures inspired by Marvel’s mutants as well, but Toys Era have achieved the most consistent number of releases, especially with the First Class-era of the team. While they’ve covered an admirable amount of X-Men, we thought we’d throw out our top wants that would be most excited to see the company make next.

Domino (Deadpool 2)

With Hot Toys having given us the aforementioned Deadpool Sixth Scale figures but not much else, Toys Era clearly recognized that missed opportunity and gave us both a Cable and a Colossus figure to flesh out the Merc with a Mouth’s world. There’s still ample room to fill out the Deadpool roster further, so I’d really love to see Domino break up the boys squad. It was a tough decision between Dom and the sarcastically genius Negasonic Teenage Warhead, to be honest. However, the very unique and singular look they gave actress Zazie Beetz’ take on the character is what pushes her over the edge for me. 

Storm (X-Men: Apocalypse)

I imagine that this is already planned since Toys Era seems to be on a solid track to complete the team, at least the roster we saw in the Dark Phoenix film. That said, I’m such a huge fan of Alexandra Shipp’s underused Storm that I’m still including her here, just in case. As an added reason for mentioning her, I’d particularly like to see a figure of Storm’s look from X-Men: Apocalypse. Her appearance in that film with the mohawk, the black and silver leather, etc. really gave me some awesome 1980’s Uncanny X-Men vibes and I loved it. A figure of her from the film would look badass, especially with some sort of dynamic stand to simulate flight and some translucent lightning effects.

Jean Grey (X2: X-Men United)

While this wouldn’t be the first older Jean figure out there made by a third party manufacturer, it would definitely be the best one, if only because it’s not connected to the abomination that is X-Men: The Last Stand. A Famke Jansen-inspired take on Jean would compliment the James Marsden Cyclops that Toys Era released some time ago, who I always felt looked pretty lonely on the shelf. This Jean Grey would also hopefully ensure that people don’t forget that there is an entire trilogy of X-Films to mine for great characters, in addition to the more recent set of movies.

Gambit (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

When I started this list, I decided to try to find at least one character that had never been made before from most of the films. Truth be told, I just assumed I’d skip X-Men Origins: Wolverine because everything in it is pretty, well, god-awful. Taylor Kitsch‘s Gambit, though, is merely an innocent bystander that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I honestly think he could have done a great job in a great movie, and that means he still could make a mean-looking figure. I’d take the character with Gambit’s trademark trench coat, staff and playing cards. 

Juggernaut (Deadpool 2)

Despite there being two entries from the Deadpool sequel, you’ll be surprised to discover that I didn’t actually like the film much. However, a cool design is a cool design and the film’s image of a gargantuan Juggernaut in a prison outfit and his signature battering ram helmet was a pretty great one. I can only imagine the massive footprint that this figure would have on the shelf beside other Sixth Scale figures and that alone would fill me with the temptation to own it. Maybe throw in a diorama base with a torn apart Deadpool on the ground or even a detachable butt-flap for his outfit (Watch the movie, you’ll understand.) for a deluxe edition and I’m getting even more excited. Toys Era teased the possibility of this figure releasing but we have yet to see any official announcement from them.

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