Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Sovereign Knight Batman Review

With the release of the Sovereign Knight One:12 Collective Figure, Mezco marks the middle chapter of their own Batman “trilogy”; a unique take on the Caped Crusader that began with their Ascending Knight iteration, which was heavily inspired by the work of Bill Finger, and which will conclude with the recently solicited Supreme Knight, which borrows much from the works of Frank Miller. This figure, representing Batman at the apex of his crusade, borrows from multiple sources, such as the work of Jim Lee and Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham video games. The resulting look is something I’m not sure completely works for me, but still has plenty of strengths. Let’s dig deeper.

The sculpt work on the figure is excellent, just as it is with the other variants of this particular Batman. The four interchangeable heads included with the figure are all equally well done, with the battle-damaged one being my favorite.

Looking as if he’s just gone toe-to-toe with Catwoman or Killer Croc, the shredded cowl really sells the pain he must be in. The unmasked Bruce Wayne head, while identical to the one we saw released with the Ascending Knight Batman, is sporting a different and, in my opinion, superior paint job.  Additionally, there are short-eared and long-eared masked heads, further allowing you to switch up your vigilante’s appearance.

As it originally appeared in promotional photos, the regular release of the Sovereign Knight Batman had a somewhat different outfit. The outlines breaking up the texture on his costume were much darker and more prominent. His utility belt was also a mixture of black and a bright shade of gold. While I didn’t love this design even then, I tend to wish that Mezco Toyz had stuck with it considering what we were ultimately given. While much of the look is the same, just considerably toned down, the bolder choices in the promo material at least made a statement.  Reducing the outlines to almost nothing and painting the belt a dull bronze-ish color just make the overall appearance feel bland to me. 

Finishing off my overly harsh commentary on the outfit, I’ll mention that the raised big black bat on his chest and the thin cape both count as some of the rare times I’ve felt like something looked “cheap” to me on a Mezco figure. They’re perfectly serviceable, but I expect better from the One: 12 Collective line. They’ve spoiled me, what can I say?

On a more positive note, the heavily armored gauntlets, kneepads and boots are a cool touch, insinuating that this Batman has learned from past mistakes. Clearly, the short gloves and lace-up leather boots he wore early in his career didn’t cut it. The paint and design of them sell their heaviness, which in turn sells their effectiveness.

The Dark Knight has been packaged with some cool accessories, much of which you may have seen if you picked up any of the variants. 

His Bat Drone remains a favorite of mine, making the utmost sense to me as a strategic tactic someone like Bruce Wayne would certainly employ in this day and age.  The sculpt and paintwork give the Drone a very imposing air, and the articulated wings are a nice touch.

It’s Batman, so you’re obviously getting plenty of batarangs. Mezco were kind enough to include ten of the smaller ones, preempting my losing of at least five of them. A larger one is included, as well, for whenever he has to resort to basic intimidation, I suppose?

The requisite interchangeable hands are here, so feel free to pose your Batman punching, grappling, holding, shooting and, of course, knocking the living crap out of Superman with Kryptonite brass knuckles. (They’re friends, guys! Come on.)

A grappling gun with two swappable grapple tips, sonic distributor and the usual Mezco base and stand finish up our list of accessories. Both the grappling gun and sonic distributor are painted and sculpted well, fitting in the figure’s trigger hands snugly. (Did you think the trigger hands were for guns that shit bullets? Batman doesn’t use guns, silly.)

So, in the end, do I like this Sovereign Knight Batman? I know it sounds like maybe I don’t, but I’m perfectly fine with him. With the exception of his outfit, this figure is firing on all cylinders. The sculpt, articulation and paintwork are excellent. The accessories, including four different heads (!), earn the price of admission. So this costume design isn’t my favorite. Oh well. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of different variants of this Batman out there to address that concern. In the meantime, this regular release will do just fine. 

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