Skywalker Rises with the Release of Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures: Rey and D-0!

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Hot Toys continues dropping Star Wars goodness upon us with the release of their new sixth scale Rey & D-0 figures, based on their appearance from the incoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film. Following up on some excellent-looking figures such as The Mandalorian, the Sith Trooper and IG-11, Rey and her trusty new droid, D-0, come sporting new sculpts and new accessories that seem poised to impress.

While The Last Jedi seems to have split Star Wars fandom apart, hopes are high that The Rise of Skywalker will see a return to the type of fare that makes everyone happy, meaning things will feel both familiar and new. The inclusion of certain accessories here points to that. 

The training helmet and remote harken back to A New Hope, where Luke Skywalker used versions of the same items to practice. The wink and nod are heavy-handed, sure, but nostalgia gets us every time. Dammit.

The new roller droid, D-0, is another example of a Star Wars staple. Like it or not, a galaxy far, far away is filled with cuddly, cute droids that beep and boop their way into our hearts.  D-0 looks to be ready for her (his?) moment in the sun. Appearing to be an offspring of a blow dryer and a smoke alarm, the little guy might just give BB-8 a run for his money.

Rey herself looks similar to earlier releases, due to the similarities in her outfit to earlier appearances. Say what you will about the lady, but she certainly understands branding. The hood is a cool addition to her costume, though I’m really not loving the space Uggs. 

Daisy Ridley has always been an actress who Hot Toys has struggled to capture the likeness of. While the portrait here isn’t as good as the Jedi Trainingversion from the last film, it’s promising. Hopefully, this prototype sees some improvements between now and 2021. 

The Hot Toys MMS 559 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Rey and D-0 sixth-scale action figure set are slated to be released in Q2-Q3, 2021. 

Pre-Order Rey and D-O (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) Sixth Scale Figure Set now @ for $234.99 USD & Enjoy 5% Reward Points ($11.75 cash back) with your Order for use on your Next Purchase @!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 1/6th scale Rey and D-O Collectible Set

“People keep telling me they know me. No one does.” – Rey

A scavenger toughened by life in Jakku’s harsh deserts, Rey has been drawn into a galaxy-spanning conflict and learned that her life is being shaped by the mysterious power of the Force. She seeks out Luke Skywalker, the lost Jedi Master, in hopes that he will aid the Resistance against the First Order and help her control her growing powers. But when that quest ends in disappointment, Rey must find a new way forward.

Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the new 1/6th scale Rey and D-O collectible set from the final chapter of the Skywalker saga.

The highly-accurate Rey collectible figure is expertly crafted based on her appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It features a newly developed head and hair sculpture, meticulously tailored outfit, a lightsaber, an interchangeable lightsaber blade emulating the weapon in motion, Rey’s signature quarterstaff, a blaster, a training helmet and remote, and a desert theme figure stand! The new droid D-O features detailed mechanical designs, articulations, and finely applied weathering effects!

Add the new 1/6th scale Rey and D-O collectibles to your Star Wars collection today!

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