Iron Studios Breaks Hearts and Wallets With Their X-Men Vs. Sentinel Battle Diorama Statue.

Let’s get this out of the way immediately: I can’t afford this.

Even if I could afford this, I can’t fit this in my home. Those two facts broke my heart so much after looking at the promotional photos for this beautifully epic statue that I had to rally myself before writing this. I’ll likely get over my sorrow, but this Iron Studios X-Men vs. Sentinel #1 Battle Diorama Statue will forever be the one that got away. Damn you, Iron Studios. 

Clocking in at a whopping 35 inches tall, this 1:10 scale statue is quite possibly the most impressive thing I have seen all year. It’s certainly a dream piece for any X-Men fan (which I am).

From the destroyed remains of the Xavier Mansion to the posing to the paintwork, this Polystone statue is the closest some will ever come to having the comics come to life in their hands.

You have to understand, a Sentinel that is actually appropriately scaled to regular sized X-Men is not something you see often, if ever. More than not, what you’ll get is maybe a detached hand or a foot that you can use as a base for an action figure or something. Iron Studios giving us an entire Sentinel that is accurately standing over Cyclops is the stuff of legend, and they will forever have my respect. 

Firmly planting this battle in the 1990s, the statue has Cyclops, Rogue, Wolverine, Beast and Jubilee rocking their Jim Lee-designed costumes.

The five mutants made up most of the Blue Team from the comics (Gambit and Psylocke are missing), though if you wanted to assume the statue takes its inspiration instead from the FOX TV cartoon, you wouldn’t be wrong either. 

A look at the upcoming Sentinel #2 & Sentinel #3 statues from Iron Studios

If you’re wondering why the statue is referred to as #1, that’s because there are actually two more of these insane masterpieces planned. That’s right, there’s more heartbreak in store for us broke X-Men fanatics.

The Iron Studios X-Men Vs. Sentinel #1 Deluxe Battle Diorama Series Art Scale 1:10 Statue is available now for pre-order for $1,649.99 and is due to release in Q4, 2020. Start saving! Enjoy 5% Reward Points ($82.50 cash back) with your Order for use on your Next Purchase @!

Product Description

Iron Studios is proud to present the first X-Men Vs. Sentinel 1:10 Deluxe Battle Diorama Series Statue. This statue is based on 1990s X-Men and is specially hand-painted. The diorama base allows you to connect the statue with other characters to create a battle scene.

Product Features

  • 35.40 inches (90cm)
  • Made of polystone
  • Bases on the 1990s X-Men
  • Specially hand-painted
  • Connect the statue with other statues in the X-Men series

Box Contents

  • X-Men Vs. Sentinel #1 statue
  • Extra head for Cyclops with optic blast effect
  • Extra hand for Wolverine with claw attack effect

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