Hot Toys VGM 32 Spider-Man (Spider-Punk Suit) Sixth Scale Figure Review

While the Spider-Punk Suit wouldn’t have been my personal first (or second or third) choice for a Spider-Man variant, I was still eager to check out the figure when Hot Toys announced him. The bonkers aspect of a Spider-Man with a Punk Rock aesthetic is definitely intriguing and a lot of fun, so I was not immune to the appeal.

Hot Toys has been releasing plenty of Spider-Man iterations based on the PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man video game. Considering how much I love both the game and the character, no amount of trepidation about the costume choice was going to keep me away. Lets’ take a look.


The Spider-Punk Suit is an extremely accurate representation of a Spider-Man from a parallel earth, numbered 138 in the Marvel Multiverse. Much like the Scarlet Spider, Spider-Punk is actually not an alternate version of Peter Parker under the mask. Instead, the character is another Earth’s Hobie Brown, who comic book readers should know as the original Prowler. Created during the Spider-Verse event in 2015, the Spider-Punk has been extremely popular since his debut.


Continuing the motif that other releases based on the PS4 video game have stuck to, the box for Spider-Punk is adorned with a large central image of the character against a backdrop of smaller images from the game. The red, white and blue colors are duller this time around, giving off a grittier and rougher tone. Unlike the other releases, the large red section running down the right side of the front image comes to an early jagged end and is littered with representations of the pins Spider-Punk wears on his vest. 

Despite these subtle differences, there is no mistaking this as anything other than the next entry in the series and the boxes look great beside each other. I am disappointed in the prone stance the artwork has the character in, as it comes off as pretty boring when compared to the dynamic poses others like the Scarlet Spider Suit or the Advanced Suit Spider-Man are presented in.


Prior to getting this figure in hand, I had downplayed my expectations of it due to the Advanced Suit’s similar use of the red, whites and blues. When compared to the Scarlet Spider’s unique look, Spider-Punk tends to appear at first glance as more of an “Advanced Suit wearing a vest” figure. Well, I was definitely wrong in my assumptions. Shame on me for underestimating not only the costume differences, but also the fun factor of this look.

First off, the suit is a completely different material than the Advanced Suit. While that one has a rubbery texture, this feels more like traditional cloth. The web pattern sections along the upper torso and arms have a different texture to the blue parts, giving the outfit some nice visual variety. 

To be honest, the outfit comes off as a little underwhelming when viewed without the denim vest, so thankfully its meant to be an integral part of his appearance. It’s tailored very well, and while it is removable, I probably wouldn’t take it off much.

The “pins” are decals glued to the vest, but the illusion works as long as you don’t touch them. While I’ll cover them in other sections, the spiked web-shooters, belt and high-top sneakers truly complete the outfit and it’s not hard to see why the design of the actual costume doesn’t need to do the heavy lifting. 


Collectors spoiled by the many accessories we were given with the Spider-Man Advanced Suit Sixth Scale Figure release and especially the Scarlet Spider release may be disappointed with our friend, the Spider-Punk.

In addition to the requisite pairs of extra interchangeable eyes, web-line effects and the swappable hands of various sorts (web-thwipping, grasping, fisted, wall-crawling, etc), we also get another Spider-drone. As cool as it is to army-build these little guys, I would have preferred something more unique and not the same exact accessory that came with the Advanced Suit.

We also get a stand of course, this time sporting a completely new design, so that’s at least appreciated. Adding insult to injury, unlike the Advanced and Scarlet figures, we do not get a cardboard NYC backdrop included.

Now before it sounds like I’m completely dismayed by the accessories, there is a silver lining. The guitar. Spider-Punk’s electric guitar is all sorts of badass. From the spider-shape to the web-pattern design to the working strap, this piece alone nearly makes up for how light on accessories this figure is. The guitar has actual strings on it! Maybe this is nothing new to Hot Toys collectors, but it’s new to me, so I’m highly impressed at the craftsmanship here. Easily the highlight of this figure for me.


Spider-Punk is a figure whose success really depends on certain sculpt work, and I’m excited to say that it rocks it in every way. The head sculpt is solid, though it has some extra flair due to the four “fauxhawk” spikes protruding out of the top. I will say the deep raised web pattern they gave both his head sculpt and his hands don’t blend into the web pattern on his costume as much as I wish they did. It’s not distracting, but a few seconds’ staring will make it noticeable.

The spiked web-shooter bracelets are a highlight, managing to capture the punk aesthetic while still being an intrinsic part of the Spider-Man outfit.

Finally, the Converse sneakers. These are sculpted to perfection and might be my favorite part of his outfit. I was initially disappointed they went with sculpted laces instead of real ones, but upon second thought, I realize real laces would likely never look as worn and beat-up as sculpted ones could.

Plus, look at those soles! Just so much fun attention to detail that is hard not to love.


Just like the sculpting, the paint applications are spot-on. From the perfectly clean silver paint on every single spike of the Punk’s head, belt and bracelets to the grungy white of his sneakers and the vivid red of his guitar, I was impressed. What the Spider-Punk lacks in extras he more than makes up for in detail.


Spider-Punk is quite successful at giving you a wide range of motion. The outfits for these types of figures can often interfere with the necessary movement for a character like Spider-Man, and this release does suffer from that in areas. Most noticeable is the leg area. While the legs have a thigh cut, double-jointed knees and plenty of ankle rocker movement, there is barely any forward kick motion. As soon as I raise the leg forward, the outfit begins to strain. As for backward kicking, that’s totally impossible.

The torso has a lot of forward and backward bend as well as some limited side-to-side turning. Plenty of up, down and sideward tilt for the neck is present. Double-jointed elbows combined with a bicep cut and healthy rotation in the shoulders allows for a good amount of posing. 

In The End

Is it as great as the Advanced Suit or Scarlet Spider Suit releases? Well, no. That said, those figures set a pretty high bar and the Spider-Punk Suit has something that neither of those two have: attitude. As I mentioned, there is just something so oddball and fun about having a Punk Rock Spider-Man on your shelf. This one is well worth picking up for that reason alone.

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