All Eyes On Iron Studios Cyclops 1/10 Art Scale Battle Diorama Series Statue Pre-Order!

Iron Studios has been making X-Men fans go wild as of late, and there doesn’t look to be any stopping them in the year ahead. Following up on the previous installments of their astonishing 1/10 Scale Battle Diorama Series of single figure statues showcasing the 90s era X-Men, a new installment has been announced and is now available for pre-order. Scott Summers, Cyclops himself is here, folks.

Just like the already solicited Wolverine, Beast and Rogue, Cyclops comes posed on a diorama piece of the Xavier School that can be combined together to create a larger battle scene.

The stairway that Cyke is seen here running down looks to be covered in remnants of his teammate, Iceman’s, signature ice power. Cyclops himself looks to be reading himself to fire an optic blast at some unseen foe. 

Coming in at 1/10 scale, this polystone statue measures in at just over 8”, which is honestly the sweet spot for me when it comes to collectibles like this. I find that getting statues any bigger can be a chore to display in any space-effective way, especially when you take any diorama bases into consideration. 

As collectors may know, this Cyclops statue design also comes as part of a larger Iron Studios X-Men vs. Sentinel #1 statue. While it’s the identical statue of Cyclops at the same scale, that all-in-one piece carries a much larger price tag that might be impossible for some to afford. As a result, this single release really does offer a welcome option for Cyclops and X-Men lovers that may just want to give Scotty boy alone the spotlight on their shelf.

The Iron Studios X-Men Battle Diorama Series Cyclops 1/10 Art Scale Limited Edition Statue is available for pre-order now and is slated to drop Q4, 2020.

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