8 Most Anticipated Iron Studios Statues Of 2020

Iron Studios has been impressing collectors all year. From the Hobgoblin to Bane to Superman ’78, every new statue they release has been a crowd-pleaser. Showing an intense level of detail, amazing sculpt work and superior painting, each new effort further cements their spot at the top of many Best of 2019 lists for high-end collectibles. Next year looks to be more of the same for the studio, and I, for one, can not wait. Let’s take a look at my most anticipated Iron Studios releases of 2020.

X-Men VS Sentinel #1 (Deluxe) BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statue

If you’re an X-Fan, and I am, then this X-Men vs. Sentinel piece just may represent the Holy Grail of your collection. A 35” tall recreation of the X-Men as they appeared in the Jim Lee comics and in the Fox animated series of the 90s taking on their most ubiquitous of foes, a Sentinel? I haven’t even mentioned the rubble and ruin of the X-Mansion that they stand on or the fact that there are alternate display options for Wolverine and Cyclops. This deluxe statue is clearly a labor of love for the designers and that translates immensely. If the “#1” label doesn’t give it away, this piece is just the first of three planned installments, all with more members of the X-Men fighting a different Sentinel. At close to $1700 a pop, the prospect of grabbing them all certainly stings, but if you can pull it off, then you would certainly earn a spot in the Collector Hall of Fame. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Series BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statues Set

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was my favorite film of 2018, so the lack of high-end collectibles around the time of its release was a bummer. While that has changed some and looks to improve even more thanks to companies like Beast Kingdom, capturing the unique art style of the movie can be nigh impossible to replicate. Leave it to Iron Studios to fix that problem. Their Spider-Verse series looks ripped straight from the film, bringing these characters to life in a way that I doubted was possible. The exaggerated, lanky proportions of Peter B. Parker sit perfectly beside Miles Morales’ youthful cockiness and Spider-Ham’s, well, ham-iness. I’m eager to see what other Spider-Verse merchandise is to come, but the bar has definitely been set by these series of statues.

’89 Batman & Batmobile (DC Comics) Art Scale 1/10 Deluxe Statue

Like most kids in 1989, I was caught up in the Bat-Mania of the time when the Tim Burton-helmed film dropped. In the decades that have passed since, much truer and, in my opinion, better-crafted Batman adaptations have come and gone. That said, the sight of Michael Keaton in the black and yellow alongside the Anton Furst-designed Batmobile tugs at my nostalgia pretty damn hard. Sitting upon a beautifully sculpted and painted Batcave-like base, you get an immaculate looking Batmobile that is definitely the real star of this set. An opening cockpit, removable machine guns, etc. The only way this thing could be any better would be with LEDs. Throw in a Keaton Batman statue that is no slouch itself and it’s hard to argue that Iron Studios haven’t outdone themselves here. 

Thanos (Avengers: Endgame) ¼ Scale Legacy Replica (Deluxe) Statue

There are few villains that have the weight and gravitas of Thanos, both in the comic books and the films. Even more challenging is translating that presence into a tangible, three-dimensional collectible. Recreating the Mad Titan as a 30” tall, 26-pound Polystone statue is certainly one solution. Not satisfied with giving collectors one display option, Thanos comes with plenty of additional accessories that will allow you to have him appear as he does in various parts of Avengers: Endgame. Vanilla armored Thanos, freshly shaved-head Thanos with Nano Gauntlet or Infinity Gauntlet, etc. The possibilities truly push what looks to be an epic quarter scale statue onto another level. I can’t wait to see this thing in person.

T-Rex Attack (Set A) BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statue

I can vividly remember staring at the movie screen, an awestruck 14-year old, as the Tyrannosaurus Rex made its first appearance in Jurassic Park. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably real it looked. To say that Stephen Spielberg and company knocked it out of the park with the original film in the franchise would be underplaying it. Based on what most consider to be the most iconic scene of the movie, the T-Rex Attack Statue gives me that same awestruck feeling as the film did 20+ years ago. Iron Studios have done an exceptional job recreating not only the Tyrannosaurus Rex but also the entire diorama surrounding it. From the destroyed fence to the crushed Jungle Explorer to the screaming little faces of Tim and Alex Murphy, every minute detail is present. The only thing more exciting to me than this statue is the fact that it’s only the first part of a set.

Superman (Black Suit) 1/3 Prime Scale Statue

The intrepid comic fans that sat through every issue of the Death and Return of Superman storyline certainly deserved a prize, so here it is. Clocking in at about thirty-six chapters, the 90s-era mega-arc had more lows than ups. In the end, however, fans were treated to the revived Kal-El returning triumphantly in a very slick-looking, stylish black and silver version of his costume. The Man of Steel didn’t wear it long, but it has remained a fan-favorite, evidenced by Iron Studios’ impressive rendition of it. Weighing in at 38 pounds, this 37-inch tall masterpiece has Superman sternly flying at us, most likely annoyed that he’s rocking a mullet. Depending on how angry you think he is about that haircut, there is an alternate head included with the Kryptonian gritting his teeth for your display-swapping pleasure. Even if you weren’t a fan of the Death of Superman, you’d be hard-pressed to dislike this piece.

Hawkman (Open & Closed Wings) 1/3 Prime Scale Statue

Hawkman is one of those super-heroes that you either love or you’re indifferent to. Despite his origins being mired in convoluted continuity, the character is a visual treat and therein lays his popularity, I believe. This statue mines that visual appeal wonderfully, really accentuating the character’s wings, which gives this already immense piece an even larger footprint. You can feel the strength bristling off of this guy as he holds his mace and spear. As I said, you may neither love nor hate Hawkman, but one look at this massive statue is enough to change your mind for the better.

Dungeons & Dragons Venger with Nightmare & Shadow Demon (Deluxe) BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statue

The 1980s were littered with cartoon villains that, despite their frightening appearances, always ended being bumbling idiots in the end. This was by design since the creators of those cartoons didn’t want their baddies to be so scary the kids wouldn’t come back the following afternoon for more. Dungeons & Dragons, however, was different. Of all the Skeletors and Shredders and Hordaks on TV, Venger was the real deal: a deadly foe who was actually deadly. A lot of the reason lies in the character’s appearance. Looking as if he just rode his horse, Nightmare, right out of a heavy metal album cover, Venger’s design is intimidating as all hell (pun intended). Other companies have done statues of him erring toward the original animation style, but Iron Studios have leaned more into capturing what Venger has always FELT like instead. The final piece ends up being something that’s both a love letter to what actually was in the cartoon and what you remember from the cartoon. Just like the other entries on this list, I’m extremely eager to see it in person.

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