Mezco Toyz One: 12 Collective – Cable Review

Mezco Toyz has quickly expanded the X-Men side of their Marvel Universe offerings these past few months. Just this season alone, we’ve seen Cyclops and Magneto drop, along with the subject of our review today: Cable. Marvel’s resident time-displaced soldier will also soon be getting a Previews Exclusive release, but let’s take a look at the regular version now.


The short version of Cable’s backstory is that he’s a freedom fighter from the future that has time-traveled back to our time in order to avert his dark fate. The long, painfully convoluted version is that he’s the mutant son of the X-Men’s Cyclops who was sent into the future in order to save his life from a techno-organic virus and- you know what, forget it. Get a library card and go read some 90s New Mutants and X-Force Comics; we’ll wait right here. Done? Good, because I was getting confused just touching on all of that. Basically, Cable is one of those characters that have retained popularity because he’s a cool drawing, and now he’s a cool action figure. To say more is to court madness. While Cable has swapped outfits here and there, the basics are lots of pouches, body armor, and big ass guns. Mezco has checked all of those boxes while bringing some of their own designs to the table. Let’s dig in.


I appreciate the minimalist, uniform design of the X-Men’s corner of the One:12 Collective line, but I have to admit that it isn’t very exciting. A solid encircled “X” against a light blue background sporting some distressed cracks that insinuate Cable’s war-torn background is still another solid, encircled “X” on a box to add to the pile. We get more of this on the sides of the box, in case you wanted more, and on the back, we get Mezco’s promotional information showcasing what’s inside. As usual, you can slide this slipcover off of the main section, revealing the figure in full behind a display window in the event you’d rather keep him in his plastic prison.


First things first: There is just too much dang blue here. I’m not sure why they decided to make one color so predominant, but it does not work at all. All of the details and the figure itself get washed away in the blue, really making what should be an impressive figure seem less so. I am not sure if adding some more brown pouches or a different color altogether to the upper body would change things for the better, but something definitely needed to be mixed in order to break things up. 

With that out of the way, I can now praise the outfit in every other aspect. Sculpted pieces make up the outfit for the most part, which we will get to later, but the figure is wearing a fabric pair of pants and a fabric short-sleeve shirt under his torso armor. Both pieces are solid if unremarkable, which is to say they do their job just fine. No complaints here.


Mezco has really leaned into the technological soldier aspect of Cable with the sculpted armor pieces here and it works. Cable, as envisioned by his creator Rob Leifeld (@robertliefeld), was all pouches and shoulder pads and chunky boots, so clearly Mezco has taken that inspiration and run with it while still managing to rein it in somewhat. The upper chest armor sells Cable as someone who’s seen his fair share of scrapes, the pouches look like weathered leather and the boots look like they actually weigh a ton. The bionic arm is well done, managing to appear both robotic and biological due to the sculpted veins running along the hands and forearms. 

Cable comes with two head sculpts, one slightly perturbed and the other pissed off. I actually prefer the pissed off one, despite despising the doofy snarl that Mezco loves to give all of their angry heads. I do admit to feeling both head sculpts look much too young for the character. Both heads almost make him appear to be a 30-something-year-old who’s hair has gone prematurely white rather than an older man in his 50s, which Cable has always been presented to be in the comics and films. It’s hardly what I imagine a hardened soldier’s face to look like. 


Despite all of the aforementioned blue, the paintwork here really makes this figure sing. The sculpted wear and tear of the armor jumps out at you due to the silver and brown dry brushing found throughout. The brown pouches look very much like worn leather, and the bionic arm, which sports some heavy blackwash, is wonderful. The metallic paint found on his boots is pretty convincing, as is that found on his giant rifles. Both look to have a weight to them that, once picking them up, you’ll find is nonexistent. It’s pretty damn impressive that the paint and sculpt alone can fool you quite so well. 

The head sculpts sport some clean lines all around. Cable’s star-shaped scar over his right eye is subtle but still stands out enough that you notice it, while the white hair is suitably done with little to no slop. 


We’ve come to the one area where this Cable figure falters. Due to the torso armor and, presumably, the set-up for the light-up feature inside his chest, there is little to no movement. The armor being split into two pieces (one for the abdominal area, one for the upper chest) helps, but you’re still not getting much. The arms can be raised to a 90-degree angle at best, due to the shoulder pads. His double-jointed knees do the trick, but the chunkiness of the 2-piece boots allows for practically no ankle pivot. Worst of all, Cable can’t look up or down because of the way his neck is designed to accommodate the light-up feature housed inside. While I understand the reasons for these limitations, they’re a bummer nonetheless.


Along with the two head sculpts, the time-traveling mutant comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands, ranging from trigger hands to fists, to grabbing hands. In the weapons department, a knife and futuristic pistol are included. The pistol fits snugly in the holster on the front of his belt and the knife slides into the sheath on his left thigh.

What Cable lacks in quantity, he certainly makes up for in size. I have no idea what this guy is overcompensating for, but it must be a serious concern for him. Both massive rifles are immaculately sculpted and painted. One looks to be some sort of grenade launcher, with what seems to be a fully moveable chamber inside (I couldn’t get it to rotate completely). Both rifles are hollow and weigh almost nothing. That lack of heft makes them feel a little cheap, honestly, but due to their size, I can imagine this was the only way to have the figure be able to hold them.  Also thrown in are two clips for the rifles. 

Light-up Feature

Unlike Cable’s daddy Cyclops (go read your comics, kids) before him, the light-up feature on this figure actually works quite well. Both the light bulb inside his chest and the one inside the neck are bright and shine through successfully. I remember thinking that the chest lights were overkill when the figure was announced, but having it in hand has changed my mind. The lights are easy to turn on and off via a panel in the back of his armor and they add to the techy feel of the outfit.

The light shining through Cable’s bionic left eye works so great that having it turned off gives the figure an oddly incomplete appearance. Be aware that turning the figure’s head to the right will effectively negate the light coming through, so you’ll have to pose wisely if you’re trying to show it off. While I probably could have lived without the feature, I’m glad that it works so well.

In The End

While there are some things I don’t love about this Cable, there’s much more to like. Sure, there is just too much blue in Cable’s outfit and there really should be more range of movement in certain areas such as the head and neck. However, an impressive amount of work has gone into the sculpt and paint of the outfit, giving this guy some serious shelf presence.  The light-up feature, which I can still go either-or on, is done quite well and at the very least earns its place here. All in all, this is one X-Man that I’m happy to have on the shelf. The figure isn’t perfect by any means, but there is enough to here to solidly warrant grabbing him. 

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