Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Toy Fair 2020 Roundup

We are early into another year, and that means another Toy Fair is upon us.  While plenty of collectors are still fawning over whatever figures they snagged over the holidays, varied toy companies are ready to present to retailers and press what they have to look forward to. Chief among them (for our purposes, at least) is Mezco Toyz and their One:12 Collective line.

Early Saturday morning, Mezco Toyz presented their wares for attendees to see in person and, most importantly, to photograph. Collectors have been waiting impatiently all week for these photos to make their way online, and the time has come. Let’s take a look!

Before we concentrate on the new reveals from the show floor, let’s take a brief look at the figures that have been released and/or announced beforehand but are available for first-hand looks.

One: 12 iterations of the Supreme Knight Batman (Mezco’s own finale of their Batman trilogy of figures) and the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman were on the floor. While Supreme Knight has been seen on display before and still looks gorgeous, I believe this is the first reveal of the ’89 Batman since Mezco decided to go with a seamless Phicen-type body for the figure. It’s a clever move on their part that maintains the movie accuracy of the costume while still keep articulation at the forefront. I’m curious to get it in hand and see how it works out.

Another improved figure looks to be Mr. John Wick himself. The tailoring on the suit looks leagues better than previous Convention appearances. For Marvel, the Upgraded Suit Spider-Man from the Far From Home film looks very nice, as well, as does the Morbius the Living Vampire figure and Iron Fist. Mezco seems intent on fleshing out their street-level corner of the Marvel Universe and I couldn’t be happier. 

Rounding out the Marvel Knights is not only another look at Ghost Rider but also the reappearance of his motorcycle! The bike was not on display at the last few cons such as San Diego or New York, so rumors abounded about it being cut from production. We all know Ghost Rider is nothing without his motorcycle, so it’s reassuring to see it show back up. What isn’t reassuring is the new Spring 2021 release date for the Spirit of Vengeance. We’re all going to have to learn to be a little more patient until we can get our hands on him.

There were plenty more that we’ve seen before at both the Mezco and Previews booths. The likes of Captain Marvel, Conan the Barbarian, Gambit, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and Magneto, to name a few. Wonder Woman was also on hand, being the only reveal from last year’s Toy Fair besides Ghost Rider yet to be made available for pre-order.

KGBeast and the PX Hellboy made their first in-hand appearances after being on pre-order for a while now. Both figures look excellent and the Hellboy, in particular, looks excellent. 

Moving on to new in-hand reveals and new franchises that Mezco has acquired for the One: 12 line, let’s touch on a couple of figures not only making their first appearances at Toy Fair but that were spoiled by Mezco themselves. In the ramp-up to Toy Fair over the last two weeks, pre-orders went up for both Two-Face and Thanos. Marvel’s Mad Titan himself, the Thanos figure was hinted at when a leaked photo showed up of the figure at San Diego Comic-Con last year.  Paying off of that excitement, Thanos looks promising.

The proportions and the shoulder pads look sort of wonky, to be honest, but I’m sure Mezco will tighten up the release before he hits collectors’ hands. Harvey Dent, Two-Face, was another surprise pre-order, and he comes jam-packed with accessories. The figure looks great on display and will make a fine addition to the Batman rogues gallery. 

Teased on social media just a few days ago, we’re getting our first full reveal of the iconic Predator figure from the first film in the series. This is one of Mezco’s newest licensed franchises. While the inevitable comparisons to NECA’s already healthy line of Predator figures will surely be coming, Mezco looks to be doing their best to knock this one out of the park. Instead of alternate head sculpts, the Predator has removable mouthpieces that attach to the unmasked head, while the helmet looks to fit over the head itself.  The body used also seems to be seamless, just as the Batman ’89 figure is. Interesting to see Mezco going this route on the bodies quite so quickly with more than one figure but I’m eager to test it out. 

Going hand in hand with the Predator franchise is the reveal of their foray into the Alien franchise. Revealing the Big Chap from the premier entry in the classic sci-fi horror series, Mezco is clearly aiming to give NECA a run for their money. Despite the solid amount of accessories and the great-looking prototype, Alien collectors will have to wait and see if the Mezco version of the monster is worth dipping into an additional different line of figures. It will be, at the very least, an exciting time to be a fan of these franchises.

Going from modern to a little bit more classic, the third science fiction film franchise that Mezco revealed would be joining their One:12 line was the original Planet of the Apes, represented by Dr. Zaius himself. I’m always happy to see older properties continue to get attention and merchandise dedicated to them, so this announcement is welcome and I’m hoping they get to at least produce the major characters of the series.

Moving on to Mezco’s own properties, their Gomez-verse received two new entries with a unique variant of the Insect-Sapien himself as well as a new member of his antagonists, the Rumble Society. First off, select attendees of Toy Fair were given the “The Roach With The Golden Head” variant of Agent Gomez, which celebrates the 20thanniversary of the toy company.

The figure was included in a gift bag of various Mezco merchandise that included a Gomez decoder ring. Coming complete with a limited edition lunch box carrying case, a poster print, and an 18K gold-plated alternate head sculpt, this Gomez release was also given away to winners of Mezco’s One: 12 Day back in January. Rumors persist that this figure may go up for pre-order on Mezco’s site as early as this week, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

The newest member of the Rumble Society was revealed within an impressive diorama display at Mezco’s booth. Meet Baron Bends, an aquatic character that looks to give even Aquaman a run for his money. We’re told Bends comes with two alternate helmets, as pictured, and his radical looking Aquaticons. This concept and idea are so out there that I love it and I can’t wait to see more. 

Finally, Mezco always manages to sneak in a small teaser or two via their promotional booklet, even if the figures themselves aren’t ready to be displayed. The company had two ready to go, sure to make collectors excited. The first was what looks to be a hit that figures are coming from the new Black Widow film that Marvel Studios is putting out in theaters very soon, so here’s hoping for a David Harbour Red Guardian, a Widow in a white jumpsuit or a Taskmaster figure gracing our shelves. 

The true trump card that Mezco played that has everyone chomping at the bit has to be the understated promo image that signals what every Superman fan has prayed forever since the Michael Keaton Batman became a reality: Christopher Reeve Superman from the seminal 1978 film is coming to the One: 12 Collective. That isn’t confirmed, but it sure is looking like it’s what is happening and I am so excited that I want to go re-watch the movie right now after I write this. 

So, as the John Williams Superman score plays in our heads, let us look forward to everything that Mezco Toyz has announced and teased and try to find the patience that will get us through the next year and beyond. 

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