What The Heck Is Hot Toys Cosbaby Line?

When you think of Hot Toys, the Hong Kong-based manufacturer of incredibly lifelike Sixth Scale action figures, it’s unlikely that the first thing that comes to mind is Chibi-style minifigures. However, since 2008, the company’s Cosbaby line of collectibles, which does indeed feature these types of figures, has been gaining in popularity more and more. 

Cosbabies are distinguished by their overly large heads (which make their bodies seem squat in comparison), huge Anime-like eyes, animated facial features and smaller size. The average figure measures about 3″- 4″ tall, though the line has dabbled in both smaller and larger sizes for select figures. Many, but not all, are designed with bobble-head function and they each come with a base included.

If the Cosbaby design sounds familiar to another extremely popular super-deformed collectible line that goes by the name of Funko Pops, well, that’s because they are. That said, although the Cosbaby line is obviously inspired by the Funk Pops aesthetic, there are several differences that make them unique. 

Cosbabies are just a tad bit smaller in size than your average Funko Pop and actually have proportions that are closer to a “regular” person, while Pops have squatter legs and arms. This more proportional scale lends itself to more articulated, “action “poses, which the Cosbaby line tends to indulge in. While Funko Pops can look pretty uniform overall, a Cosbaby display definitely will appear more dynamic and visually varied. 

Concentrating mostly on blockbuster franchises and current (at the time of release) popular characters, Hot Toys have eschewed going too far down the nostalgia route with this line. From characters based on Disney’s library of franchises (which includes Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar) to WB’s Batman and DC Entertainment to some oddball yet welcome surprises like Edward Scissorhands and Planet of the Apes, the Cosbaby line is mainly focused on grabbing the attention of fans who are all-in on today’s hottest films and stories.

That said, Hot Toys have recently announced that they’re going back in time for their recent concentration of Batman-related figures. With characters and designs from the library of Batman films ranging from the original 1989 Tim Burton film to its sequel, Batman Returns, and beyond to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Even the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, is getting some love from the Cosbaby line. I’ll admit that I’m most excited about the Batmobile set that comes with a Batman figure to drive it. It is both cute and strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, so all bases are indeed covered.

Over ten years old, the Hot Toys Cosbaby line is going strong and shows no signs of stopping. If you’re looking for smaller-scale collectibles that still have a superior level of detail and sculpting but with a fun twist to their aesthetic, then the Cosbaby line of figures is definitely for you.

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