Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Figures of 2020

2020 looks to be a banner year for figure collectors. While the likes of Hot Toys, ThreeZero and Mezco Toyz have already filled the internet with plenty of eye candy, promoting their wares for the coming year, we figured that you could use a little more. It’s difficult to cherry-pick our favorites considering just how much is headed our way, but these 5 impending releases stand out as the most exciting to us. Bring it on, 2020!

Let’s begin with our singular 1:12 scale entry from Mezco.

Mezco One: 12 Collective – Gambit

I’m an easy mark for Gambit. I’ve loved the X-Men franchise almost as long, if not longer than I’ve been a Spider-Man fan. That love makes me ignore silly things like a character that uses playing cards being named after a chess move. That said, I can be fairly picky about Mezco’s One:12 line, not because they don’t often deliver the goods, but because their successes have raised the bar that much higher. So while I’m curious how Gambit’s torso articulation is going to work with his armor, I’m also over the moon that Mezco decided to so accurately reproduce said armor for this figure. It’s with that dichotomy that my anticipation for this Gambit has flourished. I absolutely love every decision made for this figure, from alternate heads to costume design to accessories like his playing cards and Bo staff. However, I’m also anxious to discover if Mezco will stick the landing in regards to giving solid articulation to a character that is known for his gymnastic feats. We’ll discover how successful the figure is together, I suppose, and I for one can’t wait. 

Sideshow Collectibles – The Flash 

Sideshow Collectibles concentration on the comic book side of the Sixth Scale landscape has always endeared me to them, despite their success rate being less than 100%. With that in mind, their incoming Flash figure looks to be aiming right for my sweet spot. This Barry Allen looks like he just ran right out of the latest issue on the stands, doing a much better job of capturing the personality of the character than Mezco’s deadpan effort from a few years ago in their One:12 Collective line. Sideshow has thought of everything, even including a Wally West alternate head and running feet (!). I can’t say enough about my excitement for the Scarlet Speedster, but I can say this: Bring on the Reverse Flash!

Toys Era – The Comedian 

Whatever your opinion of the recent Joker film, you have to admit that Joaquin Pheonix’s portrayal of Arthur Fleck was exceptional and award-winning. With a lack of Joker product from the likes of Hot Toys, Toys Era (amongst others) is looking to fill that gap early this year with their own take on the titular Joker in 1/6 scale. There has been a split from collectors over the likeness of this figure due to some recent in-hand photos, but that hasn’t affected my excitement for this release at all. Toys Era look to have brought their A-game to everything from the tailoring of Arthur’s three-piece suit to the 3 (!) interchangeable head sculpts. While the Comedian figure may not end up being the best of 2020 for Toys Era, it is definitely my most anticipated.

ThreeZero – Ranger Javelin (Anthem)

I know nothing about this character. Zero. Zilch. Yet, I need to own it SO BADLY. Looking like a weird mix of Iron Man and Halo, this figure does everything that ThreeZero does so well. Armored, robotic characters with weathering that tells a story in and of itself should be a sub-category for the company, most recently evidenced by their superb Optimus Prime. The 1/6 Ranger Javelin looks to be another impressive entry in that realm, and I am already in love just from the photos. There’s not much more for me to say since, as mentioned, I know jack-all about this guy (or gal?). All I know is that it sure is pretty, and sometimes that’s enough.

Hot Toys – VGM 33 D28 – The Punisher (War Machine Armor)

I did just say I loved armored, robotic characters, didn’t I? My favorite Hot Toy of 2019 was also a figure based on a Marvel video game, which made me try my very best to not pick this release. Well, I failed. There is just something about the War Machine design and Hot Toys’ ability to bring it to life in Sixth Scale that gets me every damn time. Give it a little something different by throwing a Punisher skull on the chest and helmet and even throw in a comic-inspired Frank Castle head sculpt to boot? I’m sold. As shallow as my hopes for this figure are, he actually does look like he’s possibly worth the steep price point. This figure looks like an absolute beast, conveying an amount of presence and weight via the promotional images that you rarely get before seeing something in hand. If he’s half as much fun as he promises to be, I’ll be a very happy collector. 

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