Hot Toys PS4 Spider-Man Negative Suit Review


Hot Toys has been killing it with their sixth scale Spider-Man variants based on the PS4-exclusive video game. The latest entry in the line is the Negative Suit, and despite many collectors’ hesitation about picking up what looked to be a mere “repaint” of the already-released Advanced Suit, I was on board no matter what. Let’s dig in and find out if it silences those naysayers.


While the Negative Suit is pulled directly from the video game, it does take inspiration from the comics. In an issue of Peter Parker: Spider-Man, our hero found himself traveling to otherworldly Negative Zone dimension. There, his classic costume was transformed into a white and black version. In the Insomniac game’s storyline, the suit appears as a photo negative take on the Advanced Suit as a side-effect of Mr. Negative using his abilities on Spider-Man.


I have never been a “Box Guy”, meaning I rarely if ever have the compunction to display the packaging that my action figures come in. Sure, there are always the outliers like Mezco Toyz Popeye Tin that was shaped and designed to look like a can of spinach or NECA’s TMNT Box set that evoked the old VHS cassette slipcovers, but how often do those come along? Despite all of that, I absolutely love Hot Toys’ art boxes for their PS4 Spider-Man line. They are some of the most eye-catching graphic boxes I’ve ever seen and each one has me faltering more and more about my decision to not display packaging.

This Negative Suit foldout cover is yet another example of the line’s expert style. Spidey is once again positioned in front of a mosaic of comic-style images showing him in action in the Negative Suit, most of which is “revealed” as you unfold the side. The majority of the box is stark white with subtle Ben-Day dots in the background, really allowing for this Spidey to pop and further pushing the comic book vibe. There are the usual, Spider-Man, Hot Toys and Video Game Masterpiece line branding on the front, accompanied by a Hot Toys Exclusive seal in red and gold. 

On the back and sides, we find some more logos and credits, as usual. The cover folds out, of course, revealing the Spider-Man figure and accessories via a window, with some more artwork on the inside foldout cover. The Spider-sense effect is affixed here as well. Inside the box, everything is secure and sturdy in trays. 


If you have the previously released Advanced Suit Spider-Man figure from Hot Toys, then this is going to sound pretty familiar. This Negative Suit is, obviously, a negative palette-swap of that figure, so it’s identical in every other way.

As before, the majority of the outfit itself has a rubberized consistency, which feels flexible and fitted simultaneously. The black and white colors of the web-patterned sections utilize the glossy finish of the material especially well, giving this version of the costume a lot of shelf presence. 

The white sections on the legs and arms and sides of the torso have some light blue shading to them that gives off some definition and form that might have been missing otherwise. That same blue highlighting was generously applied to the outline of the raised spider emblem on the suit’s front torso area, as well as the top half of the rear emblem. It’s a smart decision that very easily could have gone wrong in execution, but it does indeed work here and manages to stop the emblem from getting lost against all of that black.  Despite its raised pattern, the emblem remains both flexible and durable.

My figure did come with a small blemish on the inner thigh of the left leg. I tried cleaning it but I’ve been unsuccessful so far. Hopefully, it’s just one-off and hasn’t shown up on any others.


I have said this before, but I will say it again: I would have preferred Hot Toys keep Spidey’s masks cloth for their figures in this line, as they seem to be doing for their Movie Masterpiece Series. The benefits from a fully sculpted head made of plastic are obvious, but there is something intangible that you can’t recreate without having the fabric continue up from the costume onto the mask. 

Okay, now that my lamenting is over with, I will say that the sculpt work is, as always solid. The sculpted white web-lines are slightly recessed, which gives them some definition against the black areas. That black texture does an exceptional job matching that of the black sections on the outfit. The head comes with three sets of swappable magnetic eyes, which allow collectors to give Spider-Man a range of emotions. Everything swaps in and out with little to no fuss by pressing ever so gently at the very top of the eye and then scooping the bottom out.

There are six different pairs of interchangeable hands designed for web-shooting, wall-crawling, Selfie taking, punching and possibly giving the “Peace” sign. They’re all sculpted well, made of a slightly softer plastic that makes popping them on and off fairly simple. 

The shoe’s sculpted parts like the heel and sole blend well with the overall look of the outfit and look great. 


The paintwork is generally clean. Whereas the web pattern and paint of the Advanced Suit were lacking some when it came to matching the screen-printed pattern on the outfit, I feel that pattern here works much better. Perhaps it’s the deep blacks and whites that make any differences harder to notice, but it’s much more successful with this outing. There is a little slop on the white lines of the mask where they bleed out, but its mostly only noticeable in macro photos. In hand, I barely noticed anything. The dark grays on the hands, heels, and web-shooters are well applied with no slop and adds a subtle breaking up of the black and white. 


As with pretty much all Hot Toys Spideys barring the Homemade Suit from the Spider-Man: Homecoming line, you should not expect too much in terms of crazy articulation. This Negative Suit Spider-Man will not replicate the artwork of Mark Bagley or Todd McFarlane with the wall-crawler doing impossible gymnastic poses. Heck, you’re not even going to get close to recreating anything from the source video game. This Negative Suit figure is designed to be a beautiful addition to your shelf, and it does that exceptionally well. 

Now, with all of that in mind, this Spidey’s articulation is nothing to sneer at. Double-jointed elbows and knees, swivel thigh and bicep cuts, ratcheted hips and a toe joint come together to give this vigilante some solid poses. There is definitely fun to be had here but just err on the side of caution. 


As with the Advanced Suit, we have received a wealth of accessories with this release, though they’re basically identical to that release’s. In addition to the aforementioned interchangeable eyes and hands, there are three different sets of web-shooters. In the game, these represented the options to shoot different types of webbing like electric webbing and impact webbing. These are recolored to match the Negative outfit.

A pair of web bombs, a Vulture jammer, two trip mines, a smartphone, two Spider signals, and a Spider-Drone with swivel legs are all included in the box. Their coloring hasn’t been changed from the Advanced Suit release. Also, we have the usual five web-lines, an open spider-web effect to attach to some of those web-lines, a Spider-Sense effect, and a dynamic figure base with the game’s logo and design (recolored in the Negative colors). 

The one new accessory not included with the Advanced Suit is the newly designed webline that first showed up with the Scarlet Spider release.

In The End

Look, if you’re a fan of the Spider-Man comics, the video game or the movies, you’re likely to want or already have this release. If you already own the Advanced Suit figure and you’re on the fence about whether to grab what is essentially a palette swap, then I understand your hesitation. Personally, I feel it’s worth it. The colors are so different than your average Spidey color motif that it really stands out on the shelf and doesn’t just feel like a weird twin brother. Otherwise, everything that made that earlier release great is here to make the Negative Suit great. You’ll be happy you picked it up.

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