Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Spider-Man: Far From Home – Deluxe Edition Review


It’s fairly common for Mezco Toyz, amongst other companies, to reveal new figures during conventions and trade shows. What is out of the ordinary, specifically for Mezco, is to premiere that new figure and simultaneously place it up for pre-order on their website, which is exactly what happened with this Spider-Man. During last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, fans were surprised by the reveal of this new figure on the floor on a Friday morning, only to find that they could secure one pretty much immediately. Not only was the reveal unexpected, but the fact that this was a Mezco Direct Exclusive was as well. It’s been quite a few months since then, but Spidey has finally begun landing in collectors’ hands over the last couple of weeks. Was the wait worth it? Let’s find out.


Spider-Man: Far From Home is the 2019 sequel to the Spider-Man: Homecoming film and is the twenty-third film to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The billion-dollar grossing film was a huge hit worldwide and wowed fans of the character, making action figures of this specific iteration a certainty. In the film, Peter Parker finds himself in need of a new costume to replace his previous destroyed one, so he creates an Upgraded Suit, which this figure depicts.


I love getting Mezco Direct Exclusives, if only because the boxes they come in are a more compact version of the usual One:12 Collective packaging. I have plenty of these sitting in my attic, which is not getting any bigger, so every little bit helps. The art box is basic, but it works. At the front, the film logo is dead center against a solid red background with some subtle lines giving it “texture”. There is, of course, the standard One: 12 and Marvel branding, along with the golden Mezco Exclusive seal. The back has a really nice image of Spider-Man in his new costume, while the sides have a cool Spider-Signal image along with some more branding logos. Mezco’s packaging inside is, as always, collector-friendly and sturdy. The plastic trays keep everything safe and secure.


It’s extremely easy to take one look at this new Upgraded Suit and simply see the Tech Suit from the first movie and figure with the blue sections now colored black. You’re not completely wrong, granted, but there are some subtle differences that make this suit unique. Mezco also took the opportunity to actually improve on certain things on their end too, when they probably could have just coasted on this one. 

Beginning with those black sections, they’re actually, along with being a different color, a different texture, and design than the Homecoming figure. Where that earlier release had some sort of tech lines running down his legs and his sides, the Upgraded has what appear to be netting or webbing mixed with skewed horizontal lines. There’s something more organic-feeling to this version, which I like. The black trim here is different, less narrow and merging with the solid black sections more completely. Even the soles of Spidey’s shoes are solid black this time around, with a new tread design to boot (pun intended). 

The Spider-emblems on the character’s chest and back are brand-new. The more obvious one is the back emblem in stark white with a completely different shape than the red, more traditional Homecoming one. The front emblem is new, as well, with a slimmer, smaller footprint.

Mezco’s tailoring has definitely improved with this figure having less of the saggy crotch of his predecessor, though there is some bunching in the lower torso and waist area in certain poses.

 The screen-printing on the vinyl applications also looks heads and tails better than the previous entry. The red is vibrant and the web-lines are defined and sharp.  I would love to see Mezco take another stab at their classic comic book Spider-Man, which had quite dull coloring and patterns on his costume. 


Spider-Man comes with three masked headsculpts, each showcasing a different inferred emotion via the use of different pairs of eyes. We have standard sized-eyes, mid-squint eyes and full-squint eyes. Depending on how suspicious or angry you want your figure to appear, you can choose whichever you’d like and they’re all easily swapped on and off.

There’s some definite improvement on these masked sculpts due to Mezco changing how they’ve attached the eyes. The previous Homecoming figure had the eyes glued on as separate pieces, which caused plenty of QC issues for many collectors. This new release has them sculpted with the head as one piece, which also looks much better. 

It should also be noted that the whites of Spidey’s eyes are now solid white, without the mesh look that previous iterations had, which is accurate to the film.

The unmasked Peter Parker head is, sadly, just a reused piece from Mezco’s other MCU Spider-Man figure, the Homemade Suit version. It would have been nice to get a new sculpt, but I suppose it’s nice for people who maybe didn’t get either of the two previous releases to have a chance at it. The head isn’t the strongest likeness to actor Tom Holland, though at certain angles it works okay. However, putting it next to other takes on the likeness such as the custom Flashback Studio head make it pretty apparent that it’s missed the mark overall.

Otherwise, most of Spidey’s outfit is fabric, so there isn’t much to discuss. The high gloves running up to his elbow are done very well, as are the boots and feet with their raised web pattern. Both areas blend well with the fabric outfit. There are plenty of hands that come with the figure, all sculpted to work with Spidey’s various web accessories or to simulate web-shooting. They pop on and off easily and securely. No complaints at all.


The chief concern when it comes to paint on a Spider-Man figure is always going to be the web pattern. The painted sections are done impressively with virtually no slop. Everything blends cleanly, as mentioned earlier, with the printed areas of his costume. There is a small bit of red that made it onto one of Spidey’s eyes, but that’s likely a problem limited to mine. 


One of the most notable and lauded areas of the Homecoming Spider-Man figure was the new “teen” body that was created for it and its articulation scheme that was perfect for a character like Spider-Man. That body looks to have been reused here and there are no complaints from me regarding that decision. 

The arms have little to no restriction due to the outfit, leaving the shoulders, elbows, biceps and wrists to work well together. There’s a cut at the waist and chest, which allows for plenty of torso movement, and the neck joint allows for plenty of lean and tilt of the head. The ankle rockers are great, as they should be for this character. The hips, knees and thighs are all solidly articulated, as well.


Spidey is well stocked with accessories, most of them are new additions to the webslinger’s arsenal that we have not gotten with earlier releases.  

There are two new types of webline styles; one longer and narrower while the other is a wider “net-like” version. Both of these have a small loop at the end, which fits over the wrist peg to simulate these weblines shooting from his wrists. They can be pretty annoying to get right, but its something.

There is a third webline style, which we’ve seen before. It’s a quite long, bendy wire option that you can wrap around things or the figure and has been included with every Mezco Spider-Man figure to date.

Two new fun inclusions are the web base and the web mask, which allow for some cool display options. The web mask slips over most figures’ heads, simulating Spidey having webbed someone’s face shut. The web base is large enough that you can place another figure against it to simulate them being webbed against a wall or object, though it works less successfully than the web mask in my opinion.

Lastly, we get Tony Stark’s E.D.I.T.H. glasses that Spidey is gifted in the film. They fit on the unmasked Peter Parker head securely and look great for something so small. 

Included in the package you’ll also find the traditional Mezco stand (sporting a cool Spidey-signalesqe graphic) and poseable arm, along with an accessory bag to keep them stored nicely.

In the End

The Spider-Man – Far From Home – Upgraded Suit Figure is a homerun. Built on the already impressive Homecoming body and its amazing articulation, Mezco has managed to only improve with this release. More vibrant colors, better tailoring and brand-new accessories make this Spidey a serious contender for “Only 1/12 Spider-Man Action Figure You Will Ever Need”.  

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