VTS Toys Gives Red Dead Fans The 1/6 Figure They’ve Dreamed Of

Order the VTS Toys Wilderness Rider (Red Death) 1:6 Scale Figure VM-026 @ OneSixthOutlet.com!

Collectors and fans of modern video games would be hard-pressed to omit Rockstar Games’ 2018 Western entry, Red Dead Redemption 2, from their list of best gaming experiences in recent memory. While the gameplay, storyline and graphics definitely play huge parts in how popular the title was and still is, the protagonist is quite possibly the most memorable of those many ingredients. 

The character of Arthur Morgan has quickly become a fan-favorite in the two years since the game’s premiere, but no action figures of him have been released. Until now.

VTS Toys has announced their unofficial Sixth Scale rendition of Morgan, bringing the anti-hero to plastic life in impressive detail. 

Players follow Morgan through various locales, climates and adventures, creating quite the challenge for any toy company to even come close to putting together a comprehensive take on the character. VTS seems to have rose to the occasion by including a boatload of accessories and display options for the figure. I mean, there are SO MANY.

Collectors can pick and choose from four complete and unique looks for their shelf, surely tempting some to grab multiples of this release in order to have every combination in their collection.

In addition to the clothing options, there are two interchangeable portraits and plenty of other accessories that will ring may a bell for players familiar with the ins and outs of the game’s storyline. 

All in all, this release is exciting for fans of the game and of 1/6 figures. Heck, fans of Sixth Scale accessories must be excited, because I know I am! This cowboy can’t come fast enough!

Order the VTS Toys Wilderness Rider (Red Death) 1:6 Scale Figure VM-026 @ OneSixthOutlet.com!

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  • luke paquette Reply

    i am interested on pre odering (or ordering) wilderness rider 1/6 figurine as its shows
    but first please confirm whe will it be available and shipping cost to Tereebonne,province of Quebec in Canada

    2020-12-18 at 4:22 PM
    • Sam Winter Reply

      Did you get a reply I want to order one as well

      2021-08-12 at 10:28 PM

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